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French & Indian War

Who fought? the French & Indians VS. English
Who won? England
What were they fighting over? territory in the Ohio Valley
What was the war also known as? the Seven Years War
What ended the war? Treaty of Paris 1763
What impact did the war have on GA? treaty gave up all French American colonies. gave Spanish Florida to England which means no more Spanish attacks.
Who issued the proclamation of 1763? King George III
What did the Proclamation of 1763 prohibit? colonists from moving west beyond the Appalachain Mountains
Who did the Proclamation of 1763 give land to? British veterans of the French & Indian War
What was the 1st main goal of the Proclamation of 1763? to make peace with the American Indians because they were in debt from the French and Indian War
What was the 2nd main goal of the Proclamation of 1763? hoped for peace to start a trade relationship
What was the 3rd main goal of the Proclamation of 1763? the British could better defend and maintain colonies by building forts along the Proclamation line.
What was Georgia's reaction? They weren't angered. GA's economy depended on trade with England so living near the coast was an advantage and they gained land.
What was the Stamp Act? An act that required colonists to buy a government stamp for almost every paper document
Who did the Stamp Act affect? All English colonists
What year did the Stamp Act start and repeal? Started- 1765 Repealed- 1766
Why did the Stamp Act start? Needed money to pay for the French and Indian War
What colonies had to follow the Stamp Act? All English colonies
What two events in Boston happened that showed the colonists were mad and rebellious with England? - Boston Massacre - Boston Tea Party
How did GA feel about the Stamp Act? Some liked it but some didn't.
What upset all the colonists about the Stamp Act? Taxation without Representation
What were the groups that opposed England called? Sons of Liberty
What was the act called that closed the port of Boston? Boston Port Act
What did the Quartering Act do? Provided housing for British soldiers
What was the Massachusetts Government Act? It took away the government from the colony
How many meetings could the Massachusetts Government Act hold a year? one
What was the Quebec Act? An act that expanded the British Canadian territory south into the Ohio Valley
Why did the Quebec Act upset colonists? They were upset because we gave up more land
What did the Administration of Justice Act do? Moved trials to Britain
Where did the 1st Continental Congress meet? Philadelphia, PA
Every colony was there except for? Georgia
What happened before the Second Continental Congress could meet? Fighting broke out between the British and Americans
King George III said they would not get independence without what? A fight
Where was the 1st armed conflict of the American Revolution? Lexington and Concord
When was the Declaration of Independence signed? July 4, 1776
What did the patriots want? Independence and freedom
What were the patriots also called? Whigs
What did the loyalists want to do? Stay loyal to the king
What were the loyalists also called? Tories
What were most Georgians? Loyalists
Who did Savannah fall to and what was the date? The British and December 29, 1778
Who was attacked by Patriot militia by Elijah Clarke and John Dooly? The British
What surprise attack led to Patriot victory and caused the British to withdraw from Augusta? The Battle of Kettle Creek
What was the largest battle of the American Revolution? Siege of Savannah
What battle lasted 90 minutes and was the 2nd bloodiest battle of the war? Siege of Savannah
What Polish soldier fought in the Siege of Savannah? Count Casimir Pulaski
What happened after the Siege of Savannah? It began to go in favor of the Americans and British
What granted America independence? Treaty of Paris 1783
What was America's 1st written document? Articles of Confederation
Who was Georgia's signers of the Constitution? Abraham Baldwin and William Few Jr
What was some strengths? They set up a republican form of government and established a self government for a new nation
What was some powers? Declare war, coin money, establish a post office, and send/recall ambassadors
What was the weaknesses? (pt.1) No strong national government, no leader to control government, and congress could not establish an army without permission from the states
What was some more of the weaknesses? (pt.2) Congress could not collect taxes, congress could make laws but couldn't force the states to obey them, and each state had 1 vote
What was the final weakness? (pt.3) Congress could not make laws about trade
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