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American Revolution

Who did the Stamp Act affect? English colonies
When did the stamp act begin 1765
What two events occurred during the Stamp acts that happened because colonists were upset Boston Tea Party, and Boston massacre
What mostly upset all colonists? They had no representatives (no taxation without representation)
What was the main intention of the Boston Tea Party? To protest on taxed tea
Was Georgia upset with the Stamp act? No, they were the only colony who didn't put up a fight and the only colony who actually sold a bunch of the stamps.
When was the declaration of independence signed July 4th, 1776
The French and Indian war was also known as The 7 year war
What ended the war The Treaty of Paris 1763
Who fought in the war French and Indian v.s England
Who were the 3 signers of the declaration of independence Button Gwinnett, George Walton, and Lyman Hall
What did the preamble say in the Declaration of Independence state? All men have equal rights
What was the 2nd most bloodiest battle in the American revolution ? Siege of Savannah
When was the 2nd Treaty of Paris signed? 1783
What is another name for the loyalists? Tories
What is another name for Patriots? Whigs
What did the loyalists want? freedom
What did the Patriots want? To be loyal to the King
What did the 2nd Treaty of Paris do for the colonists? It gave us freedom!!!
Were the rules of the "Article of Confederation" good for America or bad? bad, there were way more weaknesses than strengths
Who were the GA signers of the Constitution? Abraham Baldwin and William Few Jr
What was a weakness that came from the Article of Confederation There was no strong national government
What was a strength that came from the Article of Confederation It was a Republican form of government meaning citizens elect people to represent them.
Created by: addiechastain