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World History Sem.1

these are questions right from the tests for exam sem.1

How did the Italy's location help make it the starting point of the renassiance? mediterranean trade brought wealth there
What did Humansists do studied Greek and latin manuscripts
This German man is credited as the first european to use movable type to print books Johannes Gutanberg
the printing contrubated to what 3 things?!?! The founding of primary schools in villages and towns the poularity of alamances incresese intrest of reading amoung villagers
one way the renaissance artists reflected the new ideas of humanism was by painting who? well know people of the day
this man was credited with starting the protistant refromation cuz he strongly dissagreed with the catholic church's practice of sleiing indulgences Martin Luther
What is a factor leading for the reformation? anger at the worldiness of the church
what resulted from the peace of a augsburg in 1555 each german prince could decide the religion for his lands
the swiss city stace of Geneva became a model of Prostestant morality under the leadership of..? John Clavin
anabaptists believed threat infants should not be baptized because...? infants are to young to accept the christian faith
the catholic church response to the Prosestant reformation was known as the counter reformaton
the purpose of the council of trent was to..? direct the reform of the catholic church
sir thomas more was executed because he..? would not accept Henry VIIIas head of the church in england
the scientific revolution was based on what? questioning unproven ideas
the theroy that the earth was the center of the universe was known as..? geocentric theory
what was the birth place of the ittalian renaissance..? Florence
Niccolo Machiavelli was an italian dipolmat and historian who wrote what??? the prince.. which advised rulers to be ruthless
what were hummanists intrested in knowing?? how things work and they emmphassize education
in order to raise money in the catholic chruch, pope Leo X authorized what?? the sale of indulgences...
what is the theocracy goverment ruled by> religous leaders
what did John Calvin beleve in? Predestination
What did Martin Luther beleve in relince on faith and the bible
what does the helocentric theory state? that the earth revolves around the sun
how did discoveries in science lead to a new way of thinking for Eurpieans? As new astronomica discoveries challenged accepted views of the universe, scientists in all fields began to rely on observation rather than accepted wisdom
How was the rennisence world view different from that of the middle ages the midevil world view was shaped by religion accepted tridition and the idea that only God was perfect in contrast the renisance world view was shapped by inquary exploration and the idea that humans caused perfect themselves
thus island chain in present day indonesia was the chief sourch of spices and was once called the scpice islands by europeans the moluccas
who controlled trade between asia and europe in the 1400s arabs and itailians!>!!:!OWER:QW"
which european country took the lead in exploring all new water routes to India Portugal
The southern tip of Africa become know as the Cape of Good hope because rounding it gave sailers a direct sea route to Asia
The line of Demarcation was a line drawn by the pope that divided the non eurpean world it dived the new world trade and elporation rights between the where?!? portugal and spanish
During the 1400 as the Portugese searched for an all water route to Asia a major in coast of Africa
How did Eupean expansion of the slave trade effec Africa states in the 1600 and 1700? African stated competed to dominated the slave trade
How did Eurpeans usually obtain slaves
in order to formaly unite the asante kingdom this man claimed that his right to rule came from heaven osei tuttu
the first european country to gain foot hold in asia was portugal
after mughal power declines what group took control over most of india? the dutch east india company
in ming china why did european traders pay for chinese silks and porcelains in gold or silver instead of exchanging trade goods? the chinese believed that european trade gooods were inferior to theirs and there fore didn ot want them...?
After the Japanese, and later the Manchus, invaded Korea, the Koreans responded by; excluding foreigners from their nation
The first Europeans to challenge Protuguese and domination of Asian trade were the; Dutch
By the eirly 1600's the aging Ming dynasty was decaying. Which group of invaders pushed through the Great Wall and established new dynasy call the Qing dynsty? the Manchus
What renaissance ideas encouraged exploration couriosity, religious faith, and the expanding worldview
Where did Columbus expect to reach by sailing west from spain in 1492 Asia
What did Columbus call the people he met in the Caribbean islands why? He called them Indians because he thought he landed on the coast of East Asia( the indies)
Who was a ruler of Kongo who wanted to maintain contact with Europe but wanted to end slave trade? King Affonso I
What country first welcomed the Westerners to their country Japanese
What effects did the European exploration have on the people of Africa Some Africans grew wealthy from trade with europeans. However, european exploration has effects on africana including the take over of African cities and loss of people to slave trade
How did European nations build empires in South and Southeast Asia? They first built trading posts to help ships and trade. Then they would slowly start taking over towns and cities around them gaining more and more power untill they has so much land and wealth from trade that they became an empire
How did they Taino offend the Spanish? They did not pay proper respect to Christian symbols
To conquer the Aztec empire, Hernan Cortes did what? formed alliances with conquered peoples who hated the Aztecs
What was the attitude of the Spanish toward the Aztec religion? they did not like it and tried to convert the Aztecs to Christianity
In Spanish America, the mix of diverse peoples gave rise to a new social structure. At the top of Spanish colonial society were the... peninsulares
Two social groups that reflected the mixing of populations were the mestizos and the mulattoes
The encominda system was used to do what?! force Native American's to work
The population of New France grew slowly because The harsh winters kept many French from settling there
The English colonies of Massachusetts, Pennslvania, and Maryland were amily set up as what? Havens for persecuted religous groups
Compared with the Frence and Spanish colonists, the English Colonist enjoyed more self government
On the first leg of the internation trade network (triangular trade)what happened Europeans transported goods to Africa
Which of the following is an esitmate of the number of Africans that probally died in the passage to the Americas during the Atlantic slave trade? 2,000.000 (2 million)
what was the effect of the Altantic slave trade? it helped colonial economies
Widesprede inflation struck Europe in the mid-1500s due to the increasing amounts of what? Silver and Gold from the Americas
What mercantilist policy was designed to protect local industries from foreign competition? Tariffs increased the price of imported goods
COlonis were important in the mercantile system because they did what? provided natural resources and markets
what was one way the Native Americans resisted the Spanish conquest of South America? preserving many aspects of thir own culture
What were the pirates that opperated with approval of European gov called? Privateers
What was the first European nation to get involved with thy slave trade? Spain
What was the biggest threat to captives of slave ships? disease
What was a cause of the global population explosion in the Americas? The Columbian Excnhange
How might the history of Europeans in the Americas have been different of the Indians had not been killed my Eurpoean diseases? They would have more people and would of had a better chance at defeating the Europeans and keeping their land
How did they voyages of Eurpeans explorers lead to a new economic sysems in Euope and it's colonies? Europe's discoveries of wealth and new resources in the Americas encourged nations to set up colonies there and start new business ventures. This enabled Europeans to shif from the local economies to an international trading network
What was the major threat to the empire of Charles V Ottomans advancing across Europe
Philip II felt his goal in life was to defend Catholicism aginst the protistant reformation
Which of the following was a reason for the delcine of Spain's power the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain
What decision did Henry IV have to make to become king of France? to become Catholic
in 1598 the Edict of Nantes helped to ensure what? French Protestants would not be perscuted
Louis XIV expanded his power by building a strong army
the dutch and english wanted to maintain a balance of power to prevent what France from dominating Europe
Which of the following statements accurately describes the 30 years war? it began locally but became a gemeral European war
The peace of Westphalia ended the 30 years war. Which country gained territory as a result of the treaty of westphalia? France
What did Maria Theresa do to strengthen the Hapsburge empire? reorginized the Hapsburge bureaucarcy
Why did Prussia battle Austria during the mid- 1700s? to control the German states
in what ways was Cathrine the Great similar to Peter the Great? Both worked to bring Russia into European politics
Peter's goals from Russia included ceterlizing royal power, expanding Russia's borders, and strengthening the military
Peter the great waged war aginst the Ottoman Turks to gain what? a warm water port along Baltic Sea
To avoid war over Poland, the countries of Russia, Prussa, and Austria decided to do what?! devide it amoung themselves
Philip II used what rule that stated that his right to rule came directally from God the devign right
What marked the beggingin of the end for the Spanish? when Europe defeated the "invincibal" armada
What happened when Louis XIV revoked the Edic of Nantes? 100,000 Huguenots fled France which cause a blow to the Frence enonomy
How did Eurpean nations mantain balance of power? Thought wars and shifting alliances
What was Peter the Great's policy of westernazation and what did it envolve the adaption of western ideas, technology, and was hard to get people to change
by mid-1700's absolute moncarchs ruled 4 of the 5 leading countries what was the only excception? Britian with Parlament
Why was obtaining a warm-water port a major priority for Peter the Great? Obtaining a warm water port was important because in winter all the other ports froze. By haviing a warm_ water port Rusia could trade, get goods, and explore all year round
What two major powers emerged in Europe at the end of the 30 years war? How were the goals of these two nations smiler? Austria and Prussia they both wanted to strengthen their state and expand their borders
Which type of government has one ruler with complete authority over the government and lives of the people? absolute monarchy
all of the following people belonged to the house of Tudor EXCEPT James I
Which phrase best describes the Tudor monarchs' relations with Parliment? respectful and cooperative
The Long Parlament met when Charles I requested funds to supress a Scottish rebellion
The Long Parlament tried to reduce the power of who the absolute power of the King
What led to political change in England The english civil war
The English Civi War ushered in a social revolution. Under the Commonwealth, this religion group - with their goal of rooting our godlessness- gained a new voice in society Puritans
The British Commonwealth ended with the deat of who> Oliver Cromwell
The Restoration refers to the reestablishment of what? The Monarchy
Which king was invited to take the throne with Parliament initated the Restoration in britan? Charles II
What two people replaced James II as a result of the Glorious Revolution? Willam of Orange and Mary
What type of government was created in England by the Glorious Revolution? Limited Monarchy
The British cabinet was a handful of parliamenty advisory who st policy for the king. the cabinet came about as a result of the throne being passed to a German prince who couldn't eve speek English. He needed these advisors to help him rule Who was king? George I
By the Mid-1700s 4 of the 5 major European powers were ruled by absolute monarchs, Which of the 5 countries was NOT ruled by an absolute monarch? britan
What happened when Charles I tried to impose the Anglican prayer book on Scotland. The Calvinist Scots revoled againts theis and Charles needed money to but down the rebellion The Long Parament
Who did the Long Paralament try to excecute? Charles I cheif ministers including Archbishop of Canterbury
What was the first time a king had been tried and excuted by his own people? The execution of Charles I
Before William of Orange and Mary could take the throne what laws had to be passed? The English Bill Of Rights
Who controlled affiars in the towns and cities and produced talented inventors and entrepreururs who helped the industrial revolution? The middle class
In less then 100 years England changed from a monarchy to a commonwealth and back to a monarchy. What central issur caused this political unheaval? weather the monarch would have absolute power or share power with parlament
How did the British Parlament assert it's rights aginst royal claims to absolute power in the 1600s by attempting to share power with monarchs by waging the civil war and creating the commonwealth, and by establishing the Bill of Rights
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