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Vocabulary: A.GOV

word and definition

Absolutism 1. Powerful Monarch- Who inherit his throne. 2. The Monarch and Gov official are above the law and can change them as the see fit .
Capitalism 1. Gov should play limited role in how citizens make a living. 2. Gov should not limit who citizens trade with and what they trade . 3. Gov protect property as well as people's live
Republicanism The people participate In their Gov through the election of Representative who make : edit and enforce laws
Mercantilism 1. Economic system 2. Mother country Monopolizes Trade In its colonies
Federalism Gov power is distributed and shared between : National , regional and local Gov.
Natural Right 1. Individual right we are born with 2. Gov should protect them and not violate them 3. Natural ( individual rights ): Life ,Liberty , and property for pursuit of happiness.
Social Contract 1. Gov Provide protection 2. People surrender some of their liberty and provide tax money .
Limited Gov Power of Gov in some way regulate by people or held accountable .
Popular Sovereignty Gov get their Power from the consent of their citizens
Due Process The procedure the Gov must follow before it can punish or take away a citizen natural right .
Rule of law The Gov and all those who serve in the gov are subject to the established rules of law.
Separation of Power Gov power of making , enforcing and interpreting laws are split into 3 branches : Legislative : make Executive : enforce Executive : interpret
Check and Balance Each branch is given a power over the other branches so that no branch can become more powerful than the other branches.
Created by: Maze