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What is History

account n; a description of facts and events at specific time, usually from one person's perspective. ex: The principal wanted to know what happened to make such a mess in the cafeteria, so Mindy gave an account of the food fight. Synonyms- narrative, repor
analyze v; to study carefully or in detail. ex: Karamo broke the company's budget down into different parts so he can analyze it and tell where they were over spending. Synonyms- examine, break down
context n; the background or situation for something. ex- Knowing where and when a painter lived helps give context to their paintings.
evidence n; the facts that prove or disprove something. ex- I found evidence to support my conclusion about killer whales in a book about sea creatures. synonyms: proof
fact n; something real or true ex- A fact about my great grandfather is that he was born in 1922.
history n; the study of the past ex: In history class, we learned about the events and conditions that led up to the Civil War. antonyms- fiction
primary source n; a source usually created at the time in question that provides firsthand evidence. Examples include newspaper articles, photographs, diary entries, interviews and financial records. ex: I needed to use a primary source for my research paper about wo
secondary source n; a source that was not created at the time being studied, but instead uses sources that were created at the time as evidence to draw conclusions. Scholarly books and articles are examples. ex: I am using this book on the Civil Rights Movement as a se
research n; study or examination done with the purpose of learning about a subject. ex: The scientist is doing research on bacteria to learn more about them.
theory n; an idea that explains something, but may or may not be right. ex: A lot of evidence supports the theory of continental drift, which explains why the continents look like puzzle pieces that could fit together.
accumulate v; to gather together. synonyms- collect, assemble, increase
petroleum n; raw oil from drilled wells used as a source for gasoline, wax, asphalt, and other valuable products.
agriculture n; the cultivating of the soil, producing of crops, and raising of livestock..
fertile soil n; producing or able to produce farm crops or other plant life.
Polytheism n; believing in many gods. ex: some ancient civilizations were ploytheisitic religions.
leisure n; free time; freedom from work or school responsibilities or task.
irrigation n; is what farmers do when they add water to their fields to help their crops grow.
infrastructure n; set of interconnected structural elements that support a civilization. ex: roads, bridges, electricity. sewers, etc.
scribe n; a person who copies writing (like a book) ex: before the printing press was invented, the scribes would spend hours just to copy one document.
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