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WC Western Europe

Western Europe

Western from Eastern Europe western is capitalist and eastern is communist
Western Culture came from...? Ancient Greece: democracy, philosophy, architecture, and education
Which empire united most of the European continent? Roman Empire
476 fall of the Roman Empire & Europe entered the Dark Ages
What was the Western Part of the Roman Empire reborn as? Holy Roman Empire
What was the Eastern part of the Roman Empire reborn as? Byzantine Empire
The Middle Ages was a time of what two things? Feudalism (political) and Manorialism (economic)
Renaissance 14-15th centuries; marked a new era of increased learning and new scientific knowledge
Age of Enlightenment 17-18th centuries; age of reason; intellectual movement; Bak, Newton, Hailes
Agrarian Revolution new inventions changed farming: new soil preparation- seed drill (Jethro Tull); new crops like potatoes
French Revolution Late 1700's; ushers in the ideas of the Enlightenment and rule by the people
Industrial Revolution 18th century; began in GB move away from agriculture to increased population and prosperity
Silk Road an ancient network of trails and trading routes connecting East Asia to the Mediterranean
Major Geographic Qualities displays a wide range of topographic, climatic, and soil conditions
Islam Diffusion immigrant communities in Germany, UK, Sweden, & France
Jewish Diffusion Germany, France, UK
Buddhist Diffusion thinly spread throughout
Sikhism & Jainism UK
Christianity widely spread throughout
Created by: racheldanielle4