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H2- Colonial Period

Settlement Of georgia

Parliament Representatives that make laws for a country. A government.
Father Of Georgia James Oglethorpe
What is a Trustee Someone who governs a colony/ couldn't own land.
What is a Charter A permission slip which certain right are given to a person or business.
Who granted the Charter? King George II
What is a Buffer Colony? protection between South Carolina and Spanish La Florida
What do they mean by Economically? Transport raw materials to England for a profit.
Three reasons of settlement Philanthropy, Defense, and Economics
What is Philanthropy? Charity/ poor and unemployed could apply to go to the new colony.
What is Defense? Georgia is a buffer because they protect South Carolina at no cost of the government.
What is Economics? New colony can send crops back to England for profit. Help people get out of dept.
What was the Limit on land? 500 acres(50 acres for each person who live in the house.)
Why was that the limit? Trustees wanted a classless society.
Why could land only be passed down to a male in the family?
Why were slaves Banned?
What did the charter of 1732 prohibit? Catholics and Jews
Why did the prohibit Catholics and Jews?
Why was rum and hard liquors banned?
Who was Georgia named after? King George II
What was one of the 21 trustees name? Oglethorpe
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