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GA H2 Questions

The colonial period of georgia, questions.

Why was Georgia made? Oglethorpe believed there were people imprisoned because of the corruption in society, and wanted to give said people a second chance.
Why was the charter given? King George II believed it could help England with money, and that it could act as a buffer between (then) Spanish Florida and South Carolina.
What were the three reasons for settling of Georgia? "Philanthropy", money, and protection.
What did "Philanthropy" mean? It meant, in my own words, "Give the poor and unemployed a place to apply to for a fresh start."
What were the 5 settlement rules? Limit on land allowed to be owned at once, inheritance laws, no slaves, no rum or hard liquor, and no Jews or Catholics.
What was the limit on land? Adult males are given 50 acres for each servant and family member, but are not allowed more than 500 acres.
Why was the limit on land the way it was? They wanted Georgia’s society to be classless, and great amounts of land make great amounts of wealth, and others would remain poor. This would cause “disparities” in money and social.
What were the inheritance laws? Land was only passed down to sons. If a son wasn’t had, the land was given to another family.
Why were the inheritance laws the way they were? It's quite simple. They just didn't believe that women were capable of protecting the land.
Why were slaves banned? They believed slavery to be unjust and immoral. Plus, they believed it would make them lazy and unwilling to work hard.
Why was rum and hard liquor banned? They believed hard liquors and rum led to laziness, and wanted Georgia to be the “worthy” poor, instead of the drunken poor.
Why weren't Jews and Catholics allowed in? Britain was Protestant and strongly disliked the Roman Catholic Church. Plus, they feared that if they let Catholics in, they would join with Spain during a fight.