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Chapter 6 - SS


Who is a young person who learns a skill from a more experienced worker? apprentice
Who is a skilled worker who makes things by hand? artisan
What is a three sided road between the 13 colonies? triangular trade route
What is the second leg of a triangular trade route called? middle passage
What is the ability to rely on one self? self sufficient
What is an open space in the center of New England? town common
This was an important religious movement among Christians. Great Awakening
This is a book with helpful facts and pictures. almanac
Rice, tobacco, indigo, trees for ships and barrels and fur were associated with what colonies? middle
Meeting house and rich warm soil is associated with what colonies? New England
Breadbasket colonies, fish and mills are associated with what colonies? Southern
These were some jobs of who - gathering wood, helping in the garden, chopping wood and hunting? chjldren
Who ate pancakes, pudding and rice? colonists
Name a book the colonists read? Bible
Created by: RoseShe