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History 5.1

Acquisition of Citizenship

abjure to give up or renounce
allegiance the loyalty a citizen owes to his country or government
anarchist someone who promotes disorder or the overthrow or the government
broker a person who buys and sells items for other people
domicile a place of permanent residence
ensue to follow after; result
expatriate to withdraw or be banished from one's country; exiled
fidelity faithfulness or loyalty
jeopardy a risk or danger; the risk of being convicted for a crime
jurisdiction under the control of a governmint or country; authority; power
mission a group of prople sent to a country to conduct special business
polygamist a person who has more than one wife at the same time
potentate a ruler
precedence something that has greater importance; to come before in time and order
prima-facie at first view
renouce to give up entirely
repudiate the supreme ruler. to be independent of the control or authority of another country or government
subversive to want to overthrow; a person who wants to overtake a government
treason to act against one's country or ruler; disloyalty
waive to surrender or give up a right or privilege
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