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U.S. History Bench 1

Benchmark 1 Review

What type of economy led to the introduction of slavery in to the New World? Agriculture
What religious movement swept through the colonies in the mid- 1700's? Great Awakening
What religious group settled in Massachusetts? Purtains
What European import probably had the greatest impact on Native Americans? Disease
The movement of slaves from Africa to the Americas was called? Middle Passage
What was the system under which the colonies were to provide the parent country with raw materials and markets? Mercantilism
What were the actions of the British after the French and Indian War which alienated the colonists? Taxation
What was the main idea of John Locke's social contract? People have the right to rebel when their rights are not protected
What was the name of the colonists who supported independence from Britain? Patriots
What was the name of the document which justified the colonists move for independence? Declaration of Independance
Name the provisions of the Great Compromise Part of the New Jersey Plan- The Senate equal representation. The Virginia Plan-The House of Representatives representation based on the population of the state
What was the purpose of limiting the power of the three branches of the federal government? Prevent the development of Tyranny
Describe the division of power under the Articles of Confederation. The power of the states greatly exceeded the power of the federal government.
What were the major weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? did not have enough power to rule effectively.
What foreign nation helped the colonies with independence? France
Presidential veto is an example of... Checks and Balances
Describe Federalism Division of powers between the state and federal governments.
What did the federalist papers do? Helped persuade some states to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
What did Marbury v. Madison establish? Judicial Review
Economy of fishing, shipbuilding, lumbering, small subsistence farming. New England Colonies
Why did the American colonists rebel against Britain? The Colonists desired the right to control their own economy.
This provides justice before the law. The Bill of Rights
What was the reason for the development of political parties? Differences arose over political and economic issues.
President Washington sent foederal troops inton western Pennsylvania to deal with an uprising. This showed the strength of the federal government under the Constitution. What was the event? Whiskey Rebellion
The goverment may exercise only those powers specifically given to it by the governed Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton
Jefferesons strict adherence to the intepretation of the Constitution would have prevented this event. The Loisiana Purchase
Interference with American shipping by the British and French led Jefferson to take this action. Embargo Act
Its main goal was to keep Europe out of Latin America Monroe Doctrine.
Who wrote the words to our national anthem? Francis Scott Key
Armed revolt against Mexican rule? The Alamo
Period from 100 to 1865, the issue of states rights, the tariff, and slavery led to this. Sectionalism
Expansion of the United States westward to the Pacific Ocean. Manifest Destiny
Misunderstanding of this groups culture and values Native Americans
Increased the development of western lands Homestead Act of 1862
Lincoln's goal Preserve the Union
It was intended to maintain balance of slave and free states The Missouri Compromise
Wanted an immedate end to slavery Abolitionists
Example of Popular Sovereignty Kansas and Nebraska deciding the issue of slavery themselves
Probably kept the British from helping the South,, freed all slaves in the Union and the Confederacy Emancipation Proclomation
Spark of the Civil War Election of Abraham Lincoln
He Tried to capture arms at Harpers Ferry to provide to slaves for rebellion. John Brown
Sherman's march from Atlanta to Savannah Total War
Overturned the Missouri Compromise and opened more land to slavery. Dred Scott v. Sanford
Elizabeth C. Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and Susan B. Anthony All Active in Womens Suffrage
Who did Lee surrender to ? Ulysses Grant
Which amendment ended slavery? 13th
Who was in charge of Reconstruction in the South? Radicial Republicans
When African Americans were denied civil rights as a result of changes in state laws and state constitutions Jim Crow Laws
Court case that legalized separate but equal facilities? Plessy v. Ferguson
When did Reconstruction end? Withdrawal of federal troops from the South
Demanded equality among racial groups immediately. W.E.B. DuBois
Andrew Johnson was _____________ because of arguments over Reconstruction. Impeached
Southerners who had little money to buy land. Sharecroppers
Captains of industry Robber Barons
Invented the Phonograph. Thomas Edison
To gain complete control over a business, industry, etc. Monopoly
Organized to help industrial workers improve working conditions. Labor Unions
They wrote about the social, politicalm, and industrial problems. Muckrakers
What is Tammany Hall an example of? Political Machine
Worked to improve social and political conditions in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Progressives
What was the 19th amendment for? Gave women the right ot vote.
The Declaration of Independence refers to rights that cannot be taken away from you as Unalienable rights
Farmers founded what political party? Populist Party
What was the name of the document in Plymouth Colony that established the principle that government gets its powers from the people? Mayflower Compact
What did the Social Gospel movement focus on ? Solving society's problems using christian principles.
Separation of church and state is the idea that tax dollars should not be used to support or finance a church.
What does federalism do? Divides the power of government between one national government and several regional governments.
Who increased local government in an effort to clean up the cities? Progressives
The Compromise of 1877 withdrew any remaining troops from the south thus ending Reconstruction
Plessy v. Ferguson established separate but equal
The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to Protect the personal liberties of the people
Marbury v. Madison established Judicial Review
Judicial Review is the Supreme Courts ability to review the Constitutionality of a state or federal law
Who was the chief justice in Marbury v. Madison? John Marshal
John Locke identified the following natural rights life, liberty and property
Thomas Jefferson identified the following natural rights life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
What does the term urbanization mean? the growth of cities
Who wrote Common Sense? Thomas Paine
What happened at the Triangle shirtwaist factory? 146 women died in a fire
Common Sense encouraged Colonists to support the Declaration of Independence and a revolution against Great Britain
Political Machines often Bought votes and illegally stuffed ballot boxes
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