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WC Australia

Australia & Oceania & Primal Religions

The Dreaming The foundation of aboriginal religion
Papua New Guinea Worlds 2nd largest island; western half belongs to Indonesia; gained independence in 1975
Initiation Rituals meant to teach young Aborigines essential truths about their world and how to act within it; symbolic death of childhood to make way for spiritual rebirth
Taboo the concept of certain things and activities are set aside for special groups and forbidden to others
Orishas the hundreds of various Yoruba deities
Maori the indigenous people of New Zealand; they make up 10% of the poplulation
Micronesia "small islands"; Kiribait-Tarawa; Nauru-Yaren; U.S. Territories- 2,000 islands (Wake & Bikini(radioactive))
Totem natural form of Ancestor which appeared in Dreaming
Yoruba- cosmology depicts reality as being divided into two separate worlds: Heaven & Earth
Yoruba Oyo Kingdom; have lived in urban societies since the 5th century
Able Tasman The first European to discover the Maori
Yoruba- trickster figure Esu
Olorun The supreme god of the Yoruba, believed to be distant and unapproachable
Sun Dance 1 of the basic rituals; lodge built at the axis mundi and serves a link between heaven and earth
Lakota common sign language; massacred at wounded knee; Plains Indians; two basic rituals: vision quest & sun dance
Winter Counts calender; Wanka Tanka
Lakota- trickster figure Inktomi
Cargo Cults when tribal societies are exposed to technology and western goods- magical thinking and rituals used to explain
Wankan Tanka Plains Indians; inktomi spider; moral lessons; death- soul departs in 4 directions; winter counts calendar
Vision Quest purifies and gives access to spiritual power
Melanesia "black islands"; earliest migrants from Asia; Fiji- Suva; Solomon Islands- Honiara; Vanuatu- Porta Vila; Exports- copra, sugar, gold, and oil
Easter Islands named on Easter Sunday; mysterious 600 heads carved from volcanic rock
Axis Mundi an item (typically a tree) that represents the center of the universe; sun dance is preformed around this
Aborigines believed in the dreaming; native people of australia; aboriginal religion- process of recreating mythic past of the Dreaming to obtain sacred power
James Cook 1770- "discovered Australia; began to kill aboriginals
Ayers Rock Uluru- aboriginal name; red rock mass in northern territory, australia; largest monolith in the world;
Diviner a person who claims to see the future by supernatural means
Polynesia "many islands"; New Zealand, Hawaii, Cook Islands, Easter Island, Tahiti, Tonga, Tuvalu, US Territories- Midway islands, American Samoa, Jarvis Island, Palmyra ("wet America")
Half-Casts a person whose parents are of different race
Stolen Generation the aboriginal people forcibly removed from their families as children to be brought up by white foster families or to be put in an institution
Pidgin English non-specific name used to refer to any of the many pidgin languages derived from English
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