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Great migration movement of Puritans from England to other countries because of persecution
Why did people explore ? God, Gold, Glory
Christopher Columbus In 1492 he discovered the Americas. He sailed west trying to reach India and China. He was financed by Spain and made 4 trips across the Atlantic
Roanoke everyone was lost, 1585, John White was founder, “Croatoan”
Jamestown 1607, 1st successful English Colony, had conflict with the Powhatans, the winters were fairly mild but they were ill prepared, the soil was very fertile and they didn’t have conflict with other colonists but they did have conflict with the Indians
Starving Time Winter of 1609-1610 in Jamestown when many people died. The winter was not especially severe, they were just ill prepared.
Plymouth 1620, pilgrims came to the New World for religious freedom. Colony was supposed to be near Jamestown but they were blown off course by a storm and ended up in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Bay 1630, Puritans, Plymouth, Great Migration
Joint-stock company a company that is backed by investors who share the risk of the company (and the profits). The Virginia Company was a joint stock company and founded Jamestown.
Indentured servant sold their labor to the person who paid their passage to the colony. Usually worked for them for 6-8 years.
Patroon person who brought 50 settlers to New Netherlands (similar to empresario in Texas)
Key hardships for the colonists in Jamestown malaria, starving time, conflict with the Powhatan
House of Burgesses 1619, first representative assembly in the USA in Virginia, made up of male members of the colony
The Mayflower The ship in which pilgrims came to the New World
Mayflower Compact Pilgrims agreement about the rules they would follow in the new world. Self Government was key (government should be left to the citizens.)
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut put in writing a set of laws to govern the colony, a Constitution; 1st written Constitution in North America, it limited the powers of government.
Sir Walter Raleigh funded the founding of Roanoke
John Rolfe introduced tobacco to Jamestown and married Pocahontas
William Bradford key leader of the Pilgrims in Plymouth
John Smith key leader at Jamestown, “if you don’t work, you cannot eat!”
Cash crop a crop raised for money, like tobacco in Jamestown
Why did Puritans come to America? To establish new religious communities
Pocahontas Married John Rolfe, daughter of the Powhatan cheif
Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to grow native crops and techniques (like putting fish into the hole to serve as fertilizer for the seed).
Chief Massasoit signed a treaty with the Pilgrims at Plymouth
Mercantilism the idea that England should establish colonies to provide raw materials to the “mother country” (England) who would take the materials and make things out of the materials. They would sell those things back to the colonist for a big profit.
Why did England develop colonies? England developed colonies to get raw materials, compete with Spain, and to develop markets to trade finished goods with.
What was a social reason for the establishment of colonies? England developed colonies was to escape religious persecution in Europe.
Separatists they left England because they were upset and unhappy with the Church of England.
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