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texas history 7th

to begining of texas history till end

why do geographers have to use projections when making maps of the earth? to transfer earths curved surface onto a flat map
what are the 3 periods of per-history in texas? paleothic, arhaic'are, and the late perhistory
how did the Tonkawas way of life changeafter they were pushed off the plains? they became hunter gathers
which groups lived in towns called "pueblos"? tiguas
what happend to the mammoths that early Native Americans hunted? they disappered due to the climate change
the Reqonquista ended in? 1492
which explorer was the first to reach the Americas from Europe? christopher columbus
what helps explain why the spanish were able to conquer native americans? they had better weapons and armor
how did cabeza de vaca reach texas? the failed navarez expedition
la salle mistakenly landed in texas when he was seeking? the mouth of the mississippi
how long did the reconquista last? 800 years
columbus sailed from spain with the goal of? reaching china and india
which spanish leaders defeated the aztecs and inca? Cortez and Pizzario
how did Marcos de Niza contribute to the legend of the 7 cities of gold? he said he has seen a golden city
describe Cornados treatment to the Native americans he conqured? he mistreated them
what kind of work did the native amercans performed on the missions? ranching craftwork farming and making produts
why was San antiono de bexar located were it was? it was half way between the rio grande and east texas
what did frairs use the catechism for? to convert natives to chistianity and teach it
how did the U.S. and New Spain become neighbors? the U.S bought the lousiana purchas
what 3 occupations did moses austin have before he became an empresario? miner,store owner,bank owner
who the old three hundred? 1st three hunderd people to come with austin to texas
who lived at the settlement at peacan point the american settlers
grassland made south texas best suited to what activity? ranching
how did mexico 's colonization laws attract settlers CHEAP LAND
which empersario was careful to recruit settlers who had good character? austin
how was the tax onimported good supposed to effect texas? make texas buy mor mexican goods
what mexican commonder was sent by Santa Anna break up the state government? general Coz
what did joel poinsett offer to mexico for the u.s government? 1 million dollars
what worried meir y teran about texas? txas had no mexican cultur
how did mexic respond to the demands of the convention of 1833? mexico let mercans immagrate to texas again
why is gonzales called the "lexington of the texas revolution? 1st battle of the texas revolution
list diffrence between americanrevolution and the texas rev.? the texas revolution was shorter
which view was held by most of the people who had recently arrived in texas from the U.S? texas should be independnet
who did the consultion put in charge of the regular army? houston
were was the alamo? san antionio
list the similarities between the american and the texas revolution? law that changed over time
why did the the mexicans try to take the coannon at gonzales? they didnt want the cannon used on them
what made the Provisional Gonverment weak? disagreed to work together on war
why did the texas want to defend the alamo? it controlled an imprtant road to texas
what did the leaders of texas do while the battle on the almo was being fought? the declared indepndence
how did houstons army compare to santa anna's? -It was much smaller.
where did the convention 1836 meet? Washington-on-the-Brazos
which of the following was given in the Tex. constitutionas a reason to seperate from mexico? Mexico did not give Texans a voice in government.
list the differnces between the texas constitution and the U S? -length of the president’s term
What happened to the ad interim government -It lasted until a permanent government was created
44.What were the reasons given in the Texas Dec. of Independence as a reason to separate from Mexico? Mexico did not give Texans a voice in government.
What made the Battle of San Jacinto a complete victory for the Texans? -Capturing Santa Anna
What kind of assistance did the Texans get from the United States? Money, men, and supplies (M&M’S)
what made the battle of san jacinto a complete vistory for the texans? Santa Anna was captured
why did the Houston want the Convention of 1836 to focus on forming a government they needed a government
who wrote the the Texas Declaration of Independence? Gorge C. Childress
how did Santa Anna become a national hero in Mexico? He defeated the Spanish in battle
how did Houston know Santa Anna's plans? they Captuered Santa Anna's messenger and made him talk
which of the following was a mistake Santa Anna committied before San Jacinto? he let his men take a siesta
why did the Texans want aid from the United State's? they did have enough supplise
list the problem's in houston's 1st trem as president of texas? debut and he had to cut the government spending
what town became the capitol of texas under lamar? water loo a.k.a austin
why did Lamar launch the santa fe expedition? to expand texas
how did houston solve the conflicts with native americans signed a peace treaty
what caused renewed fighting between texas and mexico in 1842 the mexican invation to texas
what job experience helped jones when he became president ? U.S. minister
which of the following was not a problem faced by rancher? no meat marketing
how did houston gain control of the army? sent soldiers so they would organize
why did the population of texas grow during the republic? CHEAP LAND
what was the main cash crop in texas cotton
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