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Key descriptions of Worldviews covered in Year 8

Theism A worldview where people believe in at least one or more gods.
Atheism A worldview where people do not believe in a god or gods
Polytheism A worldview where people believe in multiple gods or deities
Monotheism A worldview where people believe in a single god
Deism A worldview where people believe that a god exists but is not involved in the world
Worldview The lens or filter in which people see the world and make sense of it.
Utilitarianism A worldview that uses a cost vs benefit approach to things, the ultimate goal is to make the maximum people happy, at the cost of a few.
Hedonism A worldview where the ultimate purpose in life is to maximise pleasure and minimise pain. Ones own pleasure is the most important thing.
Modernism A worldview that focuses on the achievments of humankind to be able to gain all knowledge about the world. The pursuit of knowledge is the highest purpose in life. All things can be explained through science.
Postmodernism A worldview that rejects the social constructs placed upon it. People tend to reject lables and embrace contradictions. Nothing can be known for certain and so people should be free to express their own ideas freely. Moral rules are seen as oppressive.
Consumerism A worldview where people believe that the purpose in life is to continuously consume and purchase things. The need to have the most up to date item is vital. Happiness is linked directly to the newest, best or most desired items.
Environmentalism A worldview where people percieve the natural environment as the most important thing. Preserving and protecting the enviornment is the highest purpose of life. It is right to protect and wrong to harm the environment.
Pantheism A worldview where people believe that god is part of the universe and is within all living things.
Created by: Ms Brough



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