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World His Sem Exam

Joven and Josh's World History Exam notes:)

medieval latin for "middle age"
feudalism loosly organized system-powerful local land lords
vassals pledged service loyalty
fief estate
chivalry code of conduct
troubadours wandering poets
serfs bound to the land
sacraments sacred rites
tithe tax equal to a tenth
secular worldly
friars monks--isolated monasteries
antisemitism prejudice against jews
guilds merchants and artisans
middle class standing between nobles and peasants
apprentice trainee
when I move you move, just like that
common law legal system based on custom and court rulings
magna carta treaty to lose power--supposed to give some rights to lower class
annul invalidate, cancel out
crusade holy war
schism split
religious toleration allowing people to worship as they please
vernacular everyday language of ordinary people
flying butress stone supports that stood outside the church/mooning someone from an airplane
illumination artistic decoration of books
epidemic outbreak of rapid disease OH NOOO!
inflation rising prices
longbow developed by British devastating to the french
black death bubonic plague, disease spread by rats killed LOTS of people (like 1/4 entire population)
plague disease that spreads throughout population
cartographer map maker dude
astrolabe instrument used to determine latitude by measuring the position of the stars
caravel improved type of sailing ship in the 1400s
scurvy disease caused byt he lack of vitamin C in someone's diet
circumnavigate travel all the way around the earth
matrilineal term for a family organization in which kinship ties are traved through the mother. think MATRIMONY. M=mama
outpost distant military station
knock knock who's there?
humanism intellectual movement based on studying classical and cultural stuff, yo
perpective distant objects smaller than those close to viewer
indulgence lessening amount of time somebody had to spend in purgatory
recant take back what you say
predestination idea that god had long ago determined who would gain salvation
compromise acceptable middle ground
scapegoat blame their problems
ghetto poor living
hypothesis possible explanation
scientific method step-by-step process of discovery
gravity single force that keeps the planets in their orbits around the sun
conquistador name for the spanish explorers who claimed lands in teh americas for spain int he 1500s and 1600s
immunity natural protection
alliance formal agreement between two or more nations or powers to cooperate and come to one another's defense
viceroy representative who ruled one of spain's provinces in the americas in the king's name; one who governed india in the name of the british monarch
yabba dabba doo
plantation large estate run by an owner or overseer and worked by laborers who live there
monopoly complete control of a product or business by one person or group
encomieda right the spanish government granted to its american colonists to deman labor or tribue from native americans
peon worker forced to labor for a landlord to pay their debts
peninsulare member of the highest class in spain's colonies in the americas
creole person in spain's colonies in the americas who was an american-born descendant of spanish settlers
mestizo native american and european descent
mulatto african and european descent
revenue money taken in through taxes
triangular trade colonial trade route among europe and its colonies; the west indies and africa in which goods were exchanged for slaves
repeal cancel, do away with
joven is going to ACE this test, I know it!
bye bye happy Joven
Created by: Yokosuka7711