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Impact of Geography


Germany's Location - Central Europe, continent's 7th largest country - 2nd largest in terms of population - #1 largest economy. - South of Denmark, east of the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, north of Switzerland and Austria, and west of Czech Republic and Poland
Germany's Climate Western: warmer in the summer months with mild winters Eastern: much colder winters and longer, hotter summers
Germany's Natural Resources 1. Ample arable land 2. Lush forests supporting an abundant timber industry 3. Large deposits of coal and iron ore, which support both its automotive and energy industries.
Germany's Population - Population centers are found in its urban areas, many of which are located in the west near the Rhine River - Largest population center is Berlin, its capital, located in the east. - Rhine plays a major role in transporting goods and people across the
United Kingdom Location - Located off the coast of Western Europe, directly across the English Channel from France. - Europe's 3rd largest population and economy, - 11th in terms of total land area.
United Kingdom Climate - Influenced by ocean currents, is relatively mild. - Receives frequent rainfall throughout the year, fostering its abundant arable land
United Kingdom Natural Resources - Abundant arable land, makes much of the U.K. suitable for farming and livestock grazing. - Large deposits of coal, iron ore, natural gas, and petroleum.
Russia's Location - Located across two continents, the majority of its land area is found in northern Asia; however, nearly a quarter of the country is located west of the Ural Mountains in Europe. - The western portion accounts for 77% of the nation's total population.
Russia's Climate - Western climate varies between cool summers and harsh winters. - Much of northern region soil is permanently frozen throughout the year, a phenomenon known as permafrost.
Russia's Natural Resources - Vast timber resources - Bustling mining industry in the Ural Mountains where gold, iron ore, coal, and aluminum are present. - Oil and natural gas in abundance in its northern regions, particularly on the Asian side of the country, although the cold
Russia's Population - Most people live on the European side where the climate is comparatively more hospitable. - Capital, Moscow, boasts its largest population center
Arable suitable for farming
Climate The average annual weather conditions in a given location
Permafrost Permanently frozen soil
Urban An industrialized area of a city or town
Created by: lucie.dangelo
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