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IMperialism/ chapter

What gave countries equal trading rights to Africa and china? What is : Open Door policy.
What did the open door policy allow countries to do? What is: allowed equal trade to africa and china.
William Randolph Hearsts did what, to influence public opinion? what is : He created Yellow Journalism.
Who is the coolest red head in lisbon high school? Who is: Shauna Riordan
teddy (gram-cracker) roosevelt did what to highlight the spanish american war? What is: Marched on Spanish Rule.
What is the definition of annex? What is: Expanding land.
What state did the United States annex in 1898? What is: Hawaii.
What president expanded the power of the presidency? Who is: President Teddy Roosevelt.
Who was the United States determined to free from Spanish Rule? Who is: Cuba.
Former president Teddy (gram-cracker) Roosevelt was a "____" before he became president. What is: Rough Rider
W.H. Taft's created "___" that replaced "Bullets with money." What is: Dollar Diplomacy.
By starting the revolt in Panama what did the United States gain? What is: Panama Canal.
Having economic or political control in many parts of the world means...? What is: Having a Sphere of Influence.
What would offer the United States a new Frontier? What is: Imperialism.
As a result of the Spanish/ Ameriican war these two countries became a part of United States territory. What is: Guam and Puerto Rico.
Who was the Rough Rider that faught in the battle at Saun Juan Hill during the Spanish American war? Who is: Teddy Roosevelt.
World War I is also know as: What is: The Great War.
What is: The war of all wars.
What are some causes of W.W.I.? What is: Alliances among Euroepean Nations for Defence.
What is: The Assination of Archduck Ferdinand.
What is: U-Boat Attack on the United States.
What is: Selective service.
When did the Great war take place? When is: 1914-1918.
The restriciton, violence, and repression od speach against immigrants, and Germans was caused by who? Who is: Spies and Espainage.
How was the Great war Financed? What is: Selling Liberty bonds.
The treaty of versailles did what for the war? What is: End the war.
How many points did Wilson push? what is: 14 points.
What was the world organization that promoted peace? What is: League of Nations.
What were the causes for the United states policy for overseas expansion? What is: Need for raw Materials.
Created by: shazamrizzo