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S+A War

Teddy Roosevelt- Rough rider who fought battle at San Juan Hill in Spanish American War. Increased pres. power.
Purpose of the Spanish American War- To free Cuba from Spanish rule.
Hearst and Pulitzer- Used newspapers to increase sympathy for Cuban rebels. This type of media was called "yellow journalism", also called propoganda.
Imperialism- Expand our sphere of influence - exercise economic and political control outside of the U.S.. Imperialism would give U.S. a new frontier.y- U.S. needed new market for goods.
Open Door Policy Allow trade in China and Asia.
Annexation- New territory to existing country. Hawaii 1898, Panama Canal for 25 million, Puerto Rico and Guam as a result of war.
Leading to the Spanish American War- Cubans rebelled against Spain.
W.H. Taft- Known for the dollar diplomacy.
WWI (1914-1918)- U.S. member of all allies - countries who fought.-U.S. tried to remain neutral, started fighting in WWI in 1917.
Cause- A lot of allies amoung European nations for defense.
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand- Heir to Austrian Throne.
U.S. enters- U.S. enteres because of Germany's submarine called U-Boats.- Selective service - Draft men.
Great War- WWI, War to end all wars.
Spies and Espionage- Restrict immigrants. Violence towards Germans (Prompted by England), repression of free speech.
African Americans- Segregated and rarely fought.
Governments- -Regulated war goods.-Sold liberty bonds to finance war.
Allies Win- England pushes for reparations (Paid mostly from Germany) for economic suffering.
Treaty of Versailles- Signed by European powers marking end of the Great War.
Wilson- -Pushed for 14 points - his program for peace.-Prompted league of Nations - World organization to endure peace.
Versailles and WIlson's programs- Moderately successful, issues still exist.
America- Had no plans for returning soldiers.
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