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* Cook - Semester

* Cook - Review 2

Reasons for European exploration Spices, water route to trade, spread Christianity and expand trade
European Union helps trade by making fewer trade barriers in Europe
Overseas colonies were established to Spread Christianity
What mountains are between France and Spain Pyrenees Mountains.
What man helped Portugal take an early lead in exploration Prince Henry the Navigator
The literacy rate is related to standard of living. England and Germany both have_____ literacy rates, this indicates that these countries spend _________________ on educating its citizens. High literacy rates indicates that they spend high amounts money educating its citizens
The benefits of the European Union are citizens traveling freely between countries, trade is easier, international cooperation encouraged, and euro used as a common currency.
What are the 3 main religions of Europe? Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
Taxes on imported goods are called Tariffs
A consequence of making Germany pay for WWI They suffered considerably
Why has Russia not developed its natural resources? Because of its size, harsh climate, and it has few rives suitable for travel
What happened to Germany after WWII? It was divided into two countries.
What form of government did Vladimir Lenin bring to Russia? communism
Alliances between groups of nations resulting in WWI was a result of what? Destructive nationalism
What terrible disaster occurred in Ukraine? Nuclear plant accident
Acid rain lead to the destruction of the Black Forest in which country? Germany
What two sources cause air pollution in the U.K? pollution from factories and cars
Wanting to be treated fairly, the workers and serfs of Russia welcomed who's new communist government? Lenin's
Which country is largest? Russia
An economic system that has elements of both a command and market economy is called _____? A mixed economy
A natural trade barrier in Europe is _________ ? The Ural mountains
Taxes on imported goods Tariffs
In what way is the governments of the U.K. and the United States different? The U.K has a monarch
Taxes on imported goods Tariffs
In what way are the governments of the U.K. and the United States different? The U.K has a monarch
Russia has transistioned from a command economy to what type of economy? mixed
What environmental concerns are people in Europe trying to solve? acid rain and air pollution
A monarch is ruled by _____________ a king or queen
People in Europe desired to live near _________ for access to travel and trade. rivers
Why did Germany suffered economically after WWI? They were forced to pay reparations.
What are the three major religions of Europe? Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
What has Europe done to lower the political and economic barriers that interfere with trade in Europe? They created the European Union.
Between what two countries do the Pyrenees mountains form a natural border? France and Spain
Why do England and Germany invest a great deal in educating their citizens? In order to improve the countries standard of living
Who began a school of navigation to encourage exploration? Prince Henry the Navigator
Which explorer never visited the places he sent his crews? Prince Henry the Navigator
Who developed the caravel and the quadrants used in voyages? Prince Henry the Navigator
Who was the explorer that was credited with first crossing the Atlantic and discovering America? Christopher Columbus
Which of the Allies refused to sign the Treaty of Versailles? United States
Which type of government would most likely abolish all opposing political parties, the direct election of leaders, and free speech? Autocratic
What is the law-making body of the United Kingdom called? Parliament
Which legislative body in Germany holds the most power? Bundestag
How are members in the Bundestag selected? They are elected by voters
In which country does the government guarantee certain benefits to its old, sick, or unemployed citizens? Germany
Who holds the power in an autocracy? A single leader
Created by: kcook



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