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Sport 1.4

1.4 Understand injury risks associated with sports participation

injuries These are common for athletes in training. For example, 65% of runners get injured every year.
impact One ..... of injury is that an athlete might temporarily lose the ability to participate in their training programme or sport.
psychological impact Injury can have a ..... ..... on an athlete, for example frustration or stress about how their injury might threaten their future participation in sport.
warming-up This stretches the muscles to prepare them for activity, and increases the blood flow to the muscles to provide the oxygen they will need. Failure to do this properly can cause injury.
cooling-down After training, this allows the body to return to its resting state safely, and helps reduce muscle soreness during the recovery phase.
dehydration Low levels of water in the body, which can lead to muscular injury or heatstroke through its impact on the circulatory system.
over-training Training too hard or for too long. Without sufficient recovery time, the muscles weaken and become prone to injury.
poor technique This can cause injury, for example in over-stretching or over-striding.
performance-enhancing drugs Use of these drugs can cause injury by making athletes more aggressive, as well as having a range of effects detrimental to health.
recreational drugs Use of these drugs can cause sports injury due to loss of coordination and poor judgement.
mismatch of physique When this exists between opponents injury can occur, and for this reason competition may be segregated in terms of age and gender.
equipment If this is used incorrectly, or is not appropriate for an activity, injury can occur.
environmental conditions If these are unsuitable for an activity to take place, injuries can occur. Sports competitions are sometimes postponed for this reason.
strain The overstretching or tearing of muscles or tendons.
sprain The overstretching or tearing of ligaments at a joint.
bruising Internal bleeding caused by damage to capillary blood vessels.
fracture A partial or complete break in a bone.
dislocation A joint injury when two connected bones become separated.
concussion A temporary brain injury caused by a blow to the head.
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