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Sociology Revision

Revision of Higher Sociology Unit 1

This theorist is known as the founding father of sociology and became popular in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s Emile Durkheim
This theorist believed that every aspect of society performed 2 functions: an obvious one and a hidden one. Robert Merton
The name given to the ideology that dominated society and causes gender inequality Patriarchy
The name given to the basic needs of a society if it is to work functional prerequisite
Name given to acceptable forms of behaviour Norms
Name 2 structural theories that believe we become who we are based upon the influence of the society we live in Consensus and Conflict
Which word precedes drunk, line, and bag to make 3 new words? Punch
Give the name used to describe common beliefs and goals that a society shares Value Consensus
Name the neo-Marxist who split society into groups Antonio Gramsci
Name the 2 areas Gramsci splits society into Political and Civil Society
What heading do the theories that look at the influence of institutions come under? Structural
The name given to the group who dominate society based upon their economic position Bourgeoisie
What substance did Alfred Nobel invent in 1863? (Clue you would be very surprised that this inventor had the Nobel peace prize named after him) Dynamite
Name the conflict theorist who was not popular in the US but was very popular in the USSR Karl Marx
Name the third founding father of sociology after Durkheim and Marx Max Weber
Name the 3 main branches of feminism Liberal, Marxist, Radical
Name the group in society who are forced to sell their labour Proletariat
Provide at least one solution Feminists have for gender inequality change laws change culture - more positive role models, challenge gender identity role reversal (patriarchy to matriarchy)
Process by which individuals learn the patterns of behaviour Socialisation
True of False a pig can suffer from sunburn? True
The name of all things that can be legally owned in the production process Means of Production
The name given to the economic base of society according to Marx Infrastructure
The name given to all the other institutions according to Marx that are controlled by the economy Superstructure
Name 2 social action theorists other than Weber G. H. Mead, Erving Goffman, Jock Young, Stan Cohen
What title is given to the theories that look at how we interact using language and behaviours? Symbolic Interaction
The overriding beliefs of a society that norms are based on Values
Where celebrates new year first – Auckland, Wellington, Tokyo, Singapore? Wellington
What analogy do functionalists use to explain the institutions and their relationship with each other? Biological Analogy Human Body Analogy Mechanical Analogy
The name given to the extra money that the bourgeoisie extract from the proletariat Surplus value
What feminism branch believe in the reform of the law not a revolution? Liberal Feminism
Give the 4 meanings that Weber states are behind all actions traditional, value, goal, affective,
The combination of values and norms in a society makes up the . . Culture of a society
Gramsci’s belief that individuals are taught the dominant ideology & are also aware of the contradictions with their own experiences Dual Consciousness
Which famous 80s computer game’s name comes from the greek prefix for four and the creators favourite game? Tetris
Believes society is fair and equal for every member, when in fact it is not False Consciousness
The name given to Gramsci’s dominant ideology Hegemony
The economic system that Marx’s theory bases class inequality on Capitalism
Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never phoned his wife or his mother, why? She was deaf
Who sang the theme tune to the show Friends? The Rembrandts
Neil Armstrong was the first man to step onto the moon. Which foot did he land on? Left
Created by: Cross78



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