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CSPE 20th April

Sustainable Development/Global Warming/Climate Change

Sustainable Making sure resources last a long time or even forever.
Active Citizens Make responsible choices to protect the environment.
Unsustainable A resource you cannot continue to use and could damage the planet.
Greenhouse Gas The burning of fossil fuels (coal,oil) produces large amount of pollution called Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Butterfly Effect Events such as flooding can be triggered buy some event in another part of the world.
Biodegradable Packaging that can breakdown and return to nature in a short amount of time.
Sustainable Development Goals 17 goals that help us achieve a better and more sustainable future for all
Recycling Process of taking materials ready to be thrown away and converting (changing) them into something new.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Cause the earth to become warm, leading to floods, storms, ice melting, forest fires
Climate Change Changes in global temperature lasting a period of time
Global Warming A gradual increase in the earths temperature caused by greenhouse gases.
Sustainable Living Reducing the use of earths natural resources by making sure that you replace what you use to the best of your ability
Created by: AliceConnors
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