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New France

Was it the French or the British that preferred to have the natives bring them the furs? British
What company was formed to develop the British fur trade in North America? The Hudson's Bay Company
Who controlled the French fur trade in North America? The French government
The French fur trade was severely hampered after the signing of what treaty? The Treaty of Utrecht
Which group (French or British) established many trading forts into the interior of North America? French
After the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht, the French retained which island in Acadia? Ile Royale
What was the name of the fortress that was built on Ile Royale? Louisbourg
What are two factors that made Louisbourg an ineffective fortress? It was often fogged in and it was surrounded by hills.
What was it that many Acadians refused to do, which in turn, forced them to leave Acadia? Take an oath of allegiance to the British king
Where did many of the deported Acadians relocate? Louisiana (New Orleans)
The expulsion of the Acadians occurred in 1755. In 1756 what war between the British and the French broke out? The Seven Years' War
During the Seven Years' War, which country kept most of its troups in Europe? France
During the Seven Years' War, which country sent many troups to North America? Britain
What are the three places that the British attacked the French in the Seven Years' War? Louisbourg, Ohio Valley, Quebec
Why was it important for the British to take control of Louisbourg? The British would then control the entrance to the St. Lawrence River thus preventing French ships from getting further inland
What was the year that the British began their campaign to capture the settlement of Quebec? 1759
Who was the British leader that led the attack on the settlement of Quebec? General James Wolfe
What physical feature made it very difficult to attack the settlement of Quebec? The steep cliffs leading up to the city from the St. Lawrence River.
Who was the commander of the French? Montcalm
Where was Wolfe's initial attack location and was it successful? The initial attack location was at Beauport due to the more gently sloping shoreline. This was an unsuccessful attack as Montcalm had forseen this move and had stationed his men there. French forces won this battle, killing or wounding 440 British men.
What was the Beauport Feint? It was Wolfe's plan to deceive the French into thinking that he would attack the Beaport shore a second time.
What is the Anse-au-Foulon? This was the steep narrow path that the French used to get down to the river for water. It is here that Wolfe led his troops up the path to attack the Quebec settlement.
What was the name of the site where the deadly battle to overtake the French took place? The Plains of Abraham
Why was the battle at the Plains of Abraham successful for the British? Montcalm had sent his best troops to Beauport in response to Wolfe's feint.
What is the "Thin Red Line"? This was 3 lines of British soldiers spaced about 70 metres apart that would fire in succession every 20 seconds.
Did Montcalm eventually surrender to Wolfe? No he was killed in battle, as was Wolfe.
The Seven Years' War ended with the signing of what treaty? The Treaty of Paris which was signed in 1763.
The Frenc
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