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Final exam

World History

Stalins' 5 - Year Plan His five year plan was too build heavy industries, improving transportation, and increasing farm output. He brought all economic activity under government control.
What was Hitler confident about the treaty of Versailles? ` Hitler was confident that this treaty would bring an end to WW1.
Treaty of Versailles This treaty forced Germany to assume full blame for causing the war. It also imposed huge reparations that would burden an already damaged German Economy.
Great Britain appeasement policy Appeasement policy of giving into an aggressor's demands in order to keep the peace .
What part of Czechoslovakia did Hitler want and get? The part Czechoslovakia that hitler wanted and got was The Sudetenland.
Hitlers invasion of Poland After the invasion on Poland then WW1 started.
in 1940, Japan was forced to decide what? Japan was forced to decide what it needed more of.
December 7, 1941 In a desperate gamble, the British sent all available naval vessels, merchant ships, and even fishing and pleasure
Why did Hitler plan to conquer the Soviet Union? Hitler planned to conquer the Soviet Union because He wanted access to Soviet oil fields to keep his war machine running.
Total War It was a channeling of a nations entire resources into a war effort.
Yalta It was a conference meeting between Churchill Roosevelt, and Stalin in February 1945 where three leaders made agreements regarding the end of WW11.
Tehran Conference in 1943 It was a meeting with Roosevelt which was also a strategy.
Why did Truman want to avoid invasion of Japan? They did this because they felt like Americans would experience heavy losses.
Nazis final solution They wanted to get rid of Jewish people.
Who were victims of Hitler? the victims of hitler were Jews, Gypsies, Poles and other Slavs, and people with physical or mental disabilities.
Warsaw Pact It was a mutual defense alliance between the Soviet Union and seven satellites in Eastern-Europe set up in 1955.
Cold War It was a state of tension and hostility between nations aligned with the United States on one side and the Soviet Union on the other that rarely led to direct armed conflict
What country became communists in 1949 which in turn made the U.S. fear the spread of communism? China
Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser He was the second president of Egypt in the 1950's.
Numemburg laws It was laws approved by the Nazi party in 1935, depriving Jews of German citizenship and taking some rights away from them.
Policy of containment It was pursued by the United States in about the 1940's
Northern Ireland fighting in the 60's and 70's was against what two religious groups? It is a form of government that picks who will be part of the legislative roles.
Fascism It is a government that is not communist whose policies glorify the state over the individual and are destructive to basic human rights.
Kamikaze They were a special team of military people who flew suicide attacks for the empire of japan.
Axis Powers Axis powers were Japan, Germany, and Italy.
Why did United States decide to stay isolated from foreign affairs when WWII started? It is because they felt that they were dragged into WW1.
Pearl Harbor events This was the attack on the U.S. Naval base in Hawaii.
Why did Great Britain and France declare war on Germany? It was their response to the invasion on Poland that Hitler leaded.
What event caused the U.S. to enter WWII? it was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
Under what plan did the U. S. ​provided​ ​massive​ ​financial​ ​aid​ ​to​ ​rebuild​ ​European economies​ ​and​ ​prevent​ ​the​ ​spread​ ​of​ ​communism​? The Marshall Plan
Capitalist, Communist, Dictatorial, and Socialist meanings and which countries follow which ideals?
Cold War time period 1948-1953
Cuban Missile Crisis This happened in 1962 which was almost a nuclear war between the Soviet union and the United States.
​A​ ​state​ ​of​ ​tension​ ​between​ ​the​ ​U.S.​ ​and​ ​the​ ​Soviet​ ​Union​ ​without​ ​actual fighting​ The Cold War
The​ ​war​ ​that​ ​created​ ​divisiveness​ ​among​ ​Americans​ ​throughout​ ​the​ ​1960s The Vietnam war
How did women help in WWII Women were armed forces and also worked in the factories.
What kind of policy did ​Martin​ ​L.​ ​King,​ ​Jr.,​ ​and​ ​other members​ ​of​ ​SCLC​ ​encouraged​? It was a march to let all black people have the right to vote.
Freedom Riders they are black and white people who choose to not abide by sitting in a designated part of a segregated bus.
Malcolm X he was a popular figure during the civil rights movement
Sit-Ins It was a form of a nonviolent protest
Civil Rights and Martin Luther King, Jr. Up until his assassination he was a social activist who was had an important role during the civil war.
​Vietnamization this was a way to stop the involvement of the U.S. in the Vietnam war.
McCarthyism This is when you make accusations of treason especially in communism.
The​ ​Highway​ ​Act​ ​of​ ​1956 This was the act of financing and constructing the National System.
​The​ ​two​ ​nations​ ​divided​ ​at​ ​the​ ​38th​ ​parallel this was the division of Korea and Panmunjon between 1910 and 1945.
​Watergate This was a timeline of Political Scandals
How did ​Truman​ ​justified​ ​dropping​ ​the​ ​atomic​ ​bomb​ ​on​ ​Japan​? America was weary and Japan hated their enemy.
​The​ ​Manhattan​ ​Project They produced Nuclear Weapons and was a research development undertaking WW11.
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