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history study guide

my history study guide for the final

Stalin's five year plan rapid industrialization in the economy
what was Hitlers confident about the treaty of Versailles it was mostly conspiracy
treaty of Versailles ended world war 1
Great Britain appeasement policy allowing Hitler to expand germany
What part of Czechoslovakia did Hitler want and get? Sudetenland
Hitler's invasion of Poland started wwii
Mudken Incident Chinese attacked japanesse railway
In 1940, Japan was forced to decide what? between raw materials or oil
December 7, 1941 attack on pearl harbor
Dunkirk military evac of british and French troops
Blitzkrieg method of german offense
Why did Hitler plan to conquer the Soviet Union? saying people needed more living space
Battle of Stalengrad between Russia and germany
Battle of Midway Island air attack on japan
Total War channeling a countries entire resources into a war effort
Yalta divided into 4 parts after germany surrendered
Tehran Conference in 1943 a strategy meeting between Roosevelt stalin and Churchill
Why did Truman want to avoid invasion of Japan? americans would suffer a heavy loss
Nazi's Final Solution the holocaust
Extermination camps put jews in without a trial or anything
Who were victims of Hitler? jews
Marshall Plan European recovery plan, helped Europe recover after wwii
The U.S. and Great Britain believed that the liberated nations of Estern Europe should do what? should hold free elections to determine their futures
Warsaw Pact sought to create a military balance
Cold War division between Russia and western countries
What country became communitst in 1949 which in tern made the U.S. fear the spread of communisim? china
Truman Doctrine provide political milital and economic assurance
Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser seized the suez canal
Fascist Government forced suppression w
Numemberg Laws provided legal framework for systematic persecution of jews
Six-Day War bloody conflict between isreal and arab
Policy of containment containment is a geopolitical strategic foreign policy
America feared what when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik I in 1957 that they would have scientific superiority
Why was the Berlin Wall built? the create the iron curtain
Gorbechev soon realized that economic reform would not succeed without what? political reform
How did President Carter protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? cancelling us participation in the Olympics
European Union's first goals to ensure free movment
Why did Margaret Thatcher resign? because Heseltine launched a challenge her leadership
North American Free Trade Agreement established trade lines between Canada us and mexico
Military plan by german general von Schlieffen allowed german two front war
Western front characteristic trenches were long and narrow
Central Powers germany Austria-hungry ottoman empire and Bulgaria
Militarism that yppu should have a strong military
Created by: sugie_04



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