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19/20 Post Test Rev


Abe, a 35-year-old teacher, is saving money for five things: 1. Retirement 2. A bowling ball 3. A family camping trip in the summer Which items from the list represent medium-term savings goals for Abe? A family camping trip is a medium-term savings goal
Abe, a 35-year-old teacher, is saving money for five things: 1. Retirement 2. A bowling ball 3. A family camping trip in the summer Which items from the list represent short-term savings goals for Abe? A bowling ball is a short-term savings goal
Abe, a 35-year-old teacher, is saving money for five things: 1. Retirement 2. A bowling ball 3. A family camping trip in the summer Which items from the list represent long-term savings goals for Abe? Retirement
What type of work were MOST African slaves forced to perform in Latin America? farm labor
If Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia & Argentina worship the Catholic religion, this means that __________ missionaries forcefully spread their religion throughout the Spanish territories. Spanish
Explain the process by which a prime minister takes office in a typical parliamentary democracy? Citizens vote for legislators, who then select the prime minister.
Which Cuban industry depends the MOST on a labor force with high human capital? the sugar industry, tourist economy, tobacco industry, healthcare industry. Cuba's healthcare industry
What is true of a democratic country? The government is given its power by its citizens.
How does voting in Australia differ from voting in the United States? In Australia, citizens are required by law to vote.
Which type of economy grants the MOST economic control to governments overseeing the economy? a pure command economy
Which of the following is a necessary expanse when budgeting? cable tv, apartment rent, guitar lesson, concert tickets apartment rent
If some one doesn't have enough money to pay or something at the time of purchase, which form of payment would be used? a credit card
What is the greatest threat to the Amazon region of Brazil? logging
Which of the following is a true statement? Coffee grows well in the South American climate or South America produces more oil than any other region. True - Coffee grows well in South America.
What did Europeans do as a result of a loss of labor (when the natives were killed off due to warfare and disease)? Slaves from Africa were imported.
What is a problem along the border of the US and Mexico? illegal drug trafficking
What has been an impact of the Cuban Revolution? less political freedom for Cubans.
Which country heavily influenced Mexico? Spain
How do the presidential powers in Cuba differ from those in Mexico or Brazil? In Cuba, the president claims the right to rule with absolute power.
How does a parliamentary democracy differs from a presidential democracy? In a parliamentary democracy, the head of the government is a member of the legislature.
Which action by the Australian government would make its economy less like a mixed economy and more like a pure market economy? the decision to let supply and demand set the price for gasoline
Which natural resource is important to Australia's economy? iron ore
Which group of people were discriminated against in Australia in the past? Aborigines, Aboriginal, indigenous
What are the effects of the British colonization on the Aboriginal people in Australia today? Higher poverty rates are found with Aborigines
What is income? money a person receives for working
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