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Egypt Exam

Everything from packet 4 exam

The Nile River branches out over an area of fertile soil called what? delta
This reed makes scrolls, sandals, and rafts. What is this plant? Papyrus
The Egyptians devoloped a formal writing. What is this writing called? heirogliphics
Egyptian rulers passed their power from father to grandson. What was this term for a line of rulers from 1 family? a dynasty
Boulders in the Nile River that form wild rapids. what are these called? cataracts
How long is the Nile River? 4000 miles. It is the largest river in the world.
a dead body with wrapped strips of linen a mummy
a god or godesses deity
an Egyptian king pharoah
The process Egyptians used to mummify bodies to prepare them for the afterlife. embalming or mummification
a huge stone tomb pyramid
the term for payments that people were forced to make. These payments conquered people. tributes
a material burned for its pleasent smell incense
An Egyptian ruler that reighned during the New Kingdom period Ahmose
What new name did Amenhotep IV give himself? Akhenaten
What Egyptian queen was the first woman to rule in Egypt in her own right? Hatshepsut
Who was AKENHATONS SON-IN-LAW? Tutankhamen
A pharoah that ruled for 66 years Ramses II
A strong civilization arose along the Nile River south of Egypt in a region called what? Nubia
Nubia was later known as what name? Kush
The earliest people in the Nubian region grazed their herds on what type of lands that stretch across Africa south of the Sahara? savannahs
The more powerful Nubian villages created the wealthy kingdom of ___________. Kerma
In the 1400s B.C., the Egyption armies invaded Nubia, causing the _______ of the kingdom of Kerma after a 50 year war. collapse
By 850 B.C., the Nubians formed a new kinddom called ______________ Kush
Kush's capital is called..... Napata
About 750 B.C., a Kushite King named Kashta invided Egypt. His son Piye _______ a dynasty that ruled both Egypt and ________. 1) founded2) Kush
The Kushite kings built temples and monuments ________ to those of the Egyptians. similar
About 540 B.C., the capital of _________ was moved to __________ to ____________ to be out of the Assyrians reach. 1) Kush2) Napata3)Mero"e
_________ became a trading city and a center for making iron. Mero"e
The Egyptions relied upon the ________ for their water needs. Nile River
The Nile begins at 2 seperate rivers. What are they called? The Blue Nile (Eastern Africa) and the white Nile (marshes of Central Africa).
geographic features _________ the Egyptians. protected
After the floodwaters went down, the farmers were left with a layer of dark, __________ mud. fertile
This was the pharoah who united lower and upper Egypt. King Narmer
What Egyption society was divided in Social groups
Egyptions beleived that the pharoah was the son of __ Re
The Egyptions worshiped many gods and thought that these deites controlled the forces of __________ and human activity. nature
At first, Egyptions beileived that only the ________ and few others could enjoy the afterlife. pharoah
Through the process of EMBALMING ,Egyptions became skilled agt herbs and drugs to treat different ___________. illnesses
The Great Pyrmid was made for a pharoah named King ___________ Khufu
The Great Pyramid stands _____ ft tall 500
The Great Pyramid is located in this city. Cairo
Egyptions advanced in ________ and built a system of numbers based on ___ 1) mathmatics2)10
The pyramid entrances were faced to the ________ north
What city became the capital of the Middle Kingdom? Thebes
What 2 lands are listed as being captured by Egypt during the Middle Kingdom? Nubia and Syria
In the peaceful period of the Middle Kingdom, what 3 areas of culture thrived? arts, literature, and architecture
What advances in warfare did the Hyscos use to defeat the Egyptians? horse drawn chariots, bronze and iron weapons
Who was the Egyption prince who drove out the Hyscos? Ahmose
What is the name of the period in which Egypt reached the height of power and glory? The New Kingdom (1550 B.C. - 1080 B.C.)
Why did Amenhotep decide to change Egypt's worshipof many gods to the worship of one god, Aton? He realized that the preists were gaining power at the pharoah's expense. He wanted to keep his power.
The archaeologist that discovered Tutankhamen's tomb Howard Carter
What valuable items were stored in Egyption temples? gold jewlry, sweet smelling oil, finely woven cloth.
Which 3 nations conquered egypt during the period between 900 B.C. and 670 B.C.? Libyans,Kush,Assaryians
Nubia arose in the present-day ________ Sudan
Powerful Nubian villages created the kingdom of ________ Kerma
The Kushite kingdom was formed at the ___________________ of Egypt's power. low point
_________ kings ruled from the city of Napata for several centuries. Kushite
When the Kushite king Piye conquered Egypt, he ruled from the Egyption city of ________ Napata
The ________ revolted and drove out the Kushite kings Assyrians
The Kushites learned how to make iron from the ___________ they captured from Arabia, India, and China. Assyrians
Egyptian government was first ruled by _________ village cheifs
Amenhotep IV is most known for.... attempting religous reforms
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