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Ch.13 Study Guide #2

Study Guide #2 covers Ch. 13 Lessons 3 & 4

The longest and most severe economic decline in U.S. history is known as The _______ ____________. Great Depression
New _______________ allowed farmers to grow more crops. technology
Growing more crops turned out to be a problem. The _____________ of food became greater than people's demand for it. supply
Lower demand caused food prices to ________. fall
In the 1920s, farm workers migrated to the ________________ to find work. cities
A sudden, steep drop in stock prices is known as a stock market ___________. crash
The condition of being out of work is known as _____________________. unemployment
In the 1930s, farmers in the Great Plains region were hit by a ____________. drought
In the Great Plains, the topsoil blew away and nothing would grow. Much of the Plains became known as the _______ ___________. Dust Bowl
Many blamed President Hoover for the Great Depression. In 1932, Americans elected a new leader: Franklin D. _________________. Roosevelt
FDR told the American people: "The only thing we have to fear is ________ __________. fear itself
FDR set up programs to end the Great Depression. These programs became known as The _____ ________. New Deal
The Tennessee Valley Authority TVA controlled flooding and provided electricity by building dams and _________ ____________. power plants
The insurance program to help support the disabled and provide funds to retired people is called ___________ _________________. Social Security
True or False? The Great Depression affected only the United States. False
In Germany and other countries, the Great Depression led to the loss of __________________. democracy
After the Great Depression, the German government became a __________________. dictatorship
The militarism in Germany would lead to another _________ ______ in the coming years. world war
FDRs new laws focused on three goals: relief, _______________, and reform. recovery
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