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Ch.13 Study Guide #1

Study Guide #1 covers Ch. 13 Lessons 1 & 2

Which of the following countries were the Allied Powers in WWI? : Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire, Russia, Germany Great Britain, France, Russia
Which of the following countries were the Central Powers in WWI? : Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire, Russia, Germany Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire
The U.S. wanted to stay out of other countries' affairs. This policy is called ____________________. isolationism
Alliances were a key cause of WWI. What other three "isms" (words that end with "ism") were causes of the war? imperialism, militarism, nationalism
Complete the sentence: To reduce the number of casualties during the war, both sides _________________. dug trenches
One event that persuaded the U.S. to join the Allied Powers was the sinking of the passenger ship, the ___________________. Lusitania
Another event that cause the U.S. to enter the war was the ____________________ note. Zimmerman
The assassination of the Archduke _______ __________ and his wife led to WWI. Franz Ferdinand
Which new WWI technology became the weapon of choice for defending trench positions? machine gun
When the U.S. shipped tons of food overseas during the war, there was a ___________, or shortage of food. scarcity
One solution for the shortage of food was the planting of ____________ ___________. victory gardens
What is the name of the official peace treaty for WWI? The Treaty of Versailles
Which country was punished most harshly for its role in starting the war? Germany
An armistice is a cease-fire. After the war, Nov. 11th was named Armistice Day. Today, we call Nov. 11th _________________ _____. Veterans Day
What process made it possible for industries to produce more products than were needed? mass production
The _______________ Amendment gave women the right to vote. Nineteenth
In the 1920s, women who dressed and behaved in a daring manner were called ________________. flappers
Based on its music, the 1920s were also know as The ______ _____. Jazz Age
What is the area of New York City that became a center of the arts for African Americans in the 1920s? Harlem
African Americans streamed from the South to the North after WWI. The movement was so large, it was called the ________ ____________. Great Migration
The nationwide, constitutional ban of alcohol during the 1920s is know as _____________________. Prohibition
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