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Civil War 5-Lesson 5

Civil War 5-Lesson 5-Reconstruction

Even though President Lincoln was assassinated, a program that he developed for the South was still being done, what was the name of this program? Reconstruction
Who continued Lincoln’s program, even through, that the Republicans in Congress didn’t like or trust his leadership? Andrew Johnson
What “Act” was developed to help 4 million African Americans develop equal status in the Union throughout the U.S.A.? Civil Rights Act of 1866
What was the name of Northern businessmen that started their small business trades by taking advantage the ruined states of the South? “Carpetbaggers”
What did the South called them, because they didn’t like their greedy businesses in the Southern plantations or trade industries? “Scalawags”
What did southern politicians do that once they had their chance to input changes in their states in the south? The Southern politicians immediately passed “Black Codes” to deny African Americans rights to vote, owning guns, kept certain jobs or take certain jobs that were being offered
What did the 13th Amendment do the in Constitution of the United States of America? Abolishment for slavery in all states (North and South)
What did the 14th Amendment do the in Constitution of the United States of America? Guaranteed equality under the law for all citizens
What did the 15th Amendment do the in Constitution of the United States of America? Gave all male citizens the right to vote without the regard of race
What system was developed that was supposed to help former slaves find land and develop work when they rented from plantation owners? Sharecropping
What secret society that was a extreme form of racism that harmed African American in jobs, voting in Congress, their public schools, and home owning rights? Ku Klux Klan
What “Laws or Acts” did southern politicians passed that hurt or hindered African Americans to vote in Southern Elections? “Jim Crow Laws”
What were the 2 issues were used in southern laws to kept African American from voting in southern elections? 1. Charged excessive taxes for African Americans to vote and 2) proclaimed an unfit reading test African Americans had to pass in order to vote in any political elections
Created by: vacosta
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