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Civil War 3-Lesson 3

Civil War 3-Lesson 3-Life During the Civil War

What did Abraham Lincoln do that helped the slaves in the southern states? Abraham Lincoln issued an official announcement or proclamation setting free all slaves in states at war with the Union
Abraham Lincoln only help slaves from the southern states, but slave states from the north were not helped, who were they? Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Missouri, and West Virginia
By the end of the Civil War, about how many African Americans served during the Civil War conflict? 179,000 African American men served in the Union Army
About what age were usually the soldiers that fought during the Civil War? 25 years of age
Drummer soldiers in the Civil War were usually what age? aged 12 years
Biscuits that were served to soldiers during the Civil War were very hard due to hard conditions, what were they known as? “Hardtack”
What are 4 of the main reasons why soldiers died in the Civil War? Fevers, infections, diseases, and major wounds during battle
When soldiers were brought to doctors to tend to them, many died for what reasons? Wound soldiers would die due to other sick soldiers, infected bed sheets, or areas with no sterilization
Who was the famous female nurse that risked her life to tend to soldiers, hold the surgeon table during battlefield situations, and pulled wounded soldiers from battlefield areas? Clara Barton
Riots broke out in towns and cities due to what problem that occurred due to the Civil War? Prices for food skyrocketed in Richmond, Virginia and many Southern cities
What were hungry soldiers stealing from family farms that many tried to hide from passing soldiers? Family farms would hide livestock from passing armies in fear of hungry soldiers
What was created by the people that helped documented events that happened during the Civil War condition? Photograph pictures of the following: dead bodies, soldiers, weapons, field hospitals, or important people
Created by: vacosta
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