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Story of the World

Chapters 1-15

True or False: Rome had very strict laws that everyone obeyed. True
Rome was invaded by wandering tribes of_______________________. Barbarians
The Celts lived in _________________________. Britain / England
True or False: The Angles and Saxons drove the Celts out of Britain. True
The Roman Empire grew so large that it split into 2 parts, the second part was called the _________________________. Byzantine Empire
_____________________ was the capitol city of the Byzantine Empire. Constantinople
Justinian, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire, was once a __________________. He worked hard to become the emperor. Peasant
A man, some boys with golden hair and 40 men were sent to Britain by the Pope to spread Christianity. What is the man's name? Augustine
What did Chandragupta want to do with all of the little kingdoms of India? Create one large Indian Empire.
Indian monks that followed Buddha lived in the _________________ Caves. Ajanta
Who was the creator of Islam? Muhammad
Islam's holy book is called the ___________________. Koran
___________________ was declared the Holy city of Islam. Mecca
Yang Chien united _______________ and ___________________ China. North and South
Yang Chien founded the Sui dynasty and had the ____________________________ built. The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal ran from north to south connecting what 2 rivers? The Yellow and the Yangtze Rivers
Japan was under the control of what family? The Yamato Dynasty
Important Japanese citizens learned to read and write what language? Chinese
Australian natives are called _____________________. Aborigines
The word aborigine comes from the Latin words meaning "from the _______________." beginning
Clovis, once a barbarian, inherited leadership of his tribe. He set out to conquer more tribes and land. his empire become known as the ______________ empire. Frankish
Clovis decreed that everyone in his empire should become ____________________. Christian
_____________________ was a great fighter and Muslim commander. Tariq Bin Ziyad
Tariq ordered his ships to be ____________________, saying " We haven't come to return. We will either conquer or perish!" burned
King of France, Charles Martel's nickname was? "The Hammer" or Charles the Hammer
Charlemagne is considered the greatest Frankish king, he was nicknamed? He made the kingdom Christian and prosperous. Charles the Great
The Frankish Empire was attacked by Vikings from the North called? Norsemen
Eric the Red and Leif Ericsson were both great ___________________ explorers. Viking
The Vikings that were given the land of Normandy were called _______________. Normans
The Bayeux Tapestry tells the story of the _____________________________. Battle of Hastings
After the Battle of Hastings _________________________ became the new king of England. William the Conqueror
Created by: cmhudson
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