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FCA 6th grade JAPAN

Ch. 13 - Ancient Japan

overpowered rival clans to form strong military states; developed cities, a reformed government, social classes, and written language Yamato
a Japanese religion that teaches that the main problem with the world is that mankind is out of harmony with nature Shintoism
civilizations that influence Japan China and Korea
a series of political and economic changes in the Japanese government Taika Reforms
a religion that Shotoku introduced into Japan Buddhism
what Japan forms because of its 4 main islands in addition to many smaller islands archipelago
spirits in nature according to Shinto beliefs kami
credited for being the father of calligraphy Wang Xizhi
Yamato emperors claimed him as their ancestor Jimmu Tenno
influenced Japan by sending ambassadors to China to bring back its culture, economy, and politics Shotoku
T or F : The Yamato clan rose to power over other clans and formed strong military states. True
T or F : The form of government the Yamato established was a democracy. False
T of F : The Yamato claimed that their ruler was a descendant of Jimmu Tenno. True
T or F : Japan was influenced by China and Russia during the Yamato period. False
T or F : Prince Shotoku influenced Japanese history and culture by sending ambassadors to China in order to bring back its culture, economy and politics. True
T or F : Prince Shotoku assembled the chronicles of the government and set rules for officials in the constitution. True
T or F : Shotoku did little to promote the welfare of the Japanese people. False
Prince Shotoku introduced was Chinese religion to Japan? Buddhism
During the Heian period the Japanese developed their own? written language
During which period was feudalism the system of organizing and governing society based on land and service? Heian
In feudalism which class was just below the top class and included chief nobles or powerful war lords ? daimyo
Which class was just above the lowest class in feudal Japan and made up the armies? Samurai
Name the lowest class of the feudal system which was divided into subclasses. peasants
Who was the military leader in the top class who was given supreme political authority? shogun
Who was the person at the top of the feudal system, along with his family and military leader? emperor
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