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Year 9 Civics

Citizenship, Diversity and Identity

Citizen A person who holds citizenship of a polity, such as a country, and who is a member of a political community that grants certain rights and privileges to its citizens, and in return expects them to act responsibly such as to obey their country's laws.
Citizenship A legal status granted by birth or naturalisation to citizens involving certain rights and responsibilities.
Civic Life A participation one has within a community or communities as distinct from private and family life.
Common Good A term that is popularly understood as sharing of resources among a community for the benefit of that community as a whole. The common good is often seen the greatest possible good for the greatest possible number of individuals.
Global Citizen A person who understands their rights and responsibilities at a global level. Someone who’s identity is more than geography and who's rights and responsibilities are from being human. However, these rights and responsibilities do not have legal authority.
Identity Identity refers to a person's sense of belonging to a group, culture or to a state or nation, a region or the world. It is a feeling one shares with a group of people, regardless of one's citizenship status.
Media Forms of communication including television, radio, print media and the internet, as well as forms of social media. It usually refers to mass media where it can influence many people at once.
Multicultural A preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society such as a state or nation.
Multi-Faith A society or organisation characterised by support for, or free activity of, religions, within the bounds of the law.
Non-Government Organisation A group that is organised at a local, national or international level around a common interest and on a non-profit, voluntary basis. NGOs mostly operate independently of a government, but may be funded by a government and still maintain their independence
NGO A Non-Government Organisation
Social Sustainability An idea that current generations promote social inclusion, cohesion and accountability so that future generations should be able to have the same or greater access to social resources as the current generations.
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