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Citizenship II Unit4

Review of the Unit

Pluriculturalism Concept that is useful to analyse and characterise a situation of coexistence between different cultures, without entering into distinctions and differences.
Interculturality Concerns how different cultures relate to one another, appreciating their differences
Culture Is the combination of characteristics that distinguish members of one group from another and between different people at an individual level.
Cosmovision is the way of seeing life, of relating to the environment and between people; there the values ​​and knowledge of a population that reflects its culture and its level of development.
Plurinational is define as a state that contains large groups of people of different nationalities
Indigenous Are ethnic groups who are the original or earliest known inhabitants of an area.
Problems of indigenous people Marginalization, Poverty, Discrimination, Malnutrition
Important festivities of indigenous people... Inti raymi and Mama negra
Some indigenous nationalities are: Achuar - A`l Cofán - Huaorani - Kichwa (Amazonía)- Secoyas - Shiwiar - Shuar - Siona - Zápara - Awá - Chachi - Épera - Tsa´chila
The mita Was a form of production used for the extraction of minerals in the gold, silver, bronze mines.
Mestizo Refers to those persons who are born to parents of a different race, that is, from the union of a white man with an indigenous woman or a white woman with an indigenous man.
Clothing for mestizo women were: A long skirt. A flowery or white shirt. Espadrilles.
Clothing for mestizo men were: A hat. A mostly white guayabera. A wide and long white pants
An important character of Mestizos is... Francisco Javier Eugenio de Santa Cruz y Espejo
Afro-ecuadorians are an ethnic group from Ecuador, their ancestors were either brought as slaves by the Spanish during the time of the conquest
Clothing forAfroecuadorian women: wide white skirts, wrinkled at the waist and lengths to the heel, blouse to the navel scarf that covers her head
Clothing for Afro-ecuadorian men: Men wear knee-length rolled-up fabric pants a colorful or white shirt hat
Montubio is the coastal people that emerged from the mix between whites, Indians and blacks
The montubios settle on... Manabí, Los Ríos, Guayas, Santa Elena, El Oro, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas
Montubios economy is based on... agriculture of banana, coffee, cocoa, rice, as well as livestock and forest exploitation. Handicrafts in toquilla straw, tagua and other natural fibers.
A historical figure that represents Montubio people is... Eloy Alfaro
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