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LA Ancient Civs

Latin American Ancient Civilizations

Mesoamerica The northern part of Central America, which includes the central and southern parts of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, western Honduras, and El Salvador
Olmec Civilization known as the "mother culture" and for the huge carved stone heads they made.
Pictographs The pictures ancient cultures drew to represent ideas or numbers
Hieroglyphics System of writing based on pictures, symbols and sounds
Scribe A person hired to be a writer for some of the ancient cultures
Tribute A form of taxation that the Aztecs used
Conquistadors Spanish conquerors
Tenochtitlan Aztec capital city (present day Mexico City)
Montezuma Famous Aztec emperor
Cortes Spanish Conquistador who destroyed Aztec empire
Smallpox Disease/epidemic that infected lots of Aztecs
Codice books where historical written records were kept
Maya Developed east of the Olmec civilization in tropical jungles in the Yucatan, Guatemala, and western Honduras
Pyramids Large ceremonial centers with palaces used as temples
Aztec Settled near Lake Texcoco and what is known as present day Mexico.
Inca The largest ancient civilization of this time period and located on the west coast of South America along the Andes
Quechua Spoken language of the Inca
Pizarro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas
Cuzco Capital of the Inca Civilization
Maize Another word for corn. A crop the Olmecs first discovered how to grow.
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