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Moving West-1

What is known as money that a business makes or earns when all expenses to a business are paid off? Profits
What invention was created by Eli Whitney that helped to pick seeds from picked cotton from the fields? The Cotton Gin
What invention was invented that made cutting grain or barley quicker to cut-down than a one person scythe in the field? Mechanical Reaper
What invention was created in 1846 by Elias Howe that made it easier for women to repair and put clothes together? The Sewing Machine
What invention was created during the age of electricity discovery that in the future inspired the internet & cell-phone? The first electric telegraph message
What other invention was created by Eli Whitney that fit other parts with other weapons he created? 1st Musket (1st Gun)
Who was the inventor of the mass production of the spinning machine (Spinning Loom)? Samuel Slater
Young girls that worked in spinning loom factories were known as what? “Mill Girls”
Who was an inventor-businessman that created a large factory in 1811 which established both weaving and spinning machines in the 1st Industrial Revolution? Francis Cabot Lowell
By 1811, what 1st highway was build by the federal government? National Road
Who was the person that created the first steamboat in 1807 and he called the Clermont? Robert Fulton
What was created to improvement water transport in the Great Lakes? The Erie Canal
This canal lower travel pay load for farmers, what was the fee before and after? By the ton ($100) but now ($10)
The 1st railroads were not by steam-engine, how were they done? Horse-drawn carts that ran on rails
The 1st true railroad ran 13 miles, what was it to and what was it known as? From Baltimore to Ohio 7 known as (B&O Railroad)
In the summer of 1830, the 1st steam-engine railroad made its 1st run, it pulled a cart with 40 passengers what was its name of this train? Tom Thumb
How long did they laid railroad for this 1st steam-engine train? 9,000 miles
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