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The Young Nation-5

A large population of people from Ireland left in what year? In the 1840s
What forced millions of Irish people to immigrate to New York and Boston? The Irish Potato Famine
What type of jobs did these Irish people take when they arrived at New York or Boston? Servants, Factory workers, Railroads workers, & Building canals
What other group of people immigrated from Europe because of problems with their new government? Germans
Many German immigrates came to towns to work as factory workers, what places did they go? Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati
In the south, the demand for cotton was great for particular items? Clothes and thread
In 1792, who invented the cotton gin to clean cotton loads in one day? Eli Whitney
This was a great invention for who, but extremely harsh for what the that had to do the hard manual labor work in the fields? Landowners Slave labor
In what year did slave transport was finally stopped in America? By 1808
What movement developed in the North that was trying to stop the cruel and inhumanity of slavery in the South? Abolitionist Movement
Who was the abolitionist that gave speeches that the cruelty of slave and the sin of owning other people? Sojourner Truth
Who was the abolitionist that gave speeches about slavery being wrong and help escaped slaves in the North? Fredrick Douglass
Who was the White abolitionists that wrote an anti-slavery newspaper called in Boston in 1831? William Lloyd Garrison
What was the name of the Anti-Slavery newspaper that William Lloyd Garrison wrote in the North? “The Liberator”
What were the 2 main reasons abolitionist fought hard for African American freedom? African slaves were were denied equality because of slavery and discrimination
What was another form of discrimination that was occurring in America? Discrimination against women
What were men discriminating on women in America? Women had no rights in owning property, Going to college, or Having descent wages from the jobs they had.
Many women for the rights of women in America, what were they? Women’s rights in better wages, Working conditions and College courses
Many women were abolitionists for women’s rights, who were they? Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The people involved in an important convention began the Women’s Right Movement in the United States of America, what was it called? Seneca Falls Convention
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