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The Young Nation-4

By 1817, who was the president of the U.S.? James Monroe
What were the two countries that James Monroe did not wanted to make claims or future claims into America? Russia and Spain
What important speech policy did James Monroe did that warned all European nations to stay away from American land? “Monroe Doctrine”
What state was a major issue between America and Spain which America bought from Spain? Florida
For how much did America paid to Spain to buy off Florida? $5,000,000 / $ 5 Million Dollars
Who became the next president of the United States in the year 1828? Andrew Jackson
How many people came to his inauguration and celebrated his presidency? More than 20,000 people
What were two changes that Andrew Jackson did in his policies to help his common man? (1). He closed the National Bank which he though it only helped rich settlers. (2) He lower tariffs & taxes to help common people that sold imports in other states.
By the 1820s & 1830s, which Native Americans were kickoff their land by white settlers lived in the Southeastern Plain areas? The Cherokees, The Creeks, The Chickasaws, The Choctaws, and The Seminoles
What Cherokee native created an alphabet for the Cherokee people to make their language legal for the American government? Sequoyah
Because of Sequoyah's alphabet, the Cherokee nation published the 1st Cherokee newspaper, what was it called? “The Cherokee Phoenix”
What was the terrible policy that Andrew Jackson enforced on the native tribes of the Southeastern Plains? All Native Americans were removed from there state and relocated into present-day Oklahoma.
This was a sad moment for the Cherokee nation and many other Native Americans, what was this event called? ”Trail of Tears”
More than 15,000 Cherokees were relocated to their new location, how far did they traveled to get there? 1,000 miles
How many Cherokees died along the way to Oklahoma? More than ¼ of the Cherokee people
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