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The Young Nation-3

Ch. 7- Lesson 3

What were the nations that were fighting to have rights to trade with the U.S.A.? France and Great Britain
What were the following issues that Great Britain caused with France and the U.S.A.? 1). Great Britain blockaded French trading ships with the U.S.A. (2). Great Britain captured U.S. sailors and forced them to work for them on British ships. (3). Americans believed that Great Britain was supplying Native Americans with weapons.
What was the name of the Shawnee leader that fought against the American in the Northwest? Tecumseh
What was the name of group that Tecumseh fought against the American settlers in the Northwest? The Prophet
By 1809, the U.S. had a new U.S. president, what was his name? James Madison
James Madison wanted to keep the U.S. neutral against Great Britain, but what group wanted to fight against Great Britain? The War Hawks
When did the War Hawks declare war on Great Britain? June 1812
In the war against Great Britain, what did the U.S. failed to capture from Great Britain? Canada
What was the name of the battleship that Great Britain could not sink because the cannon fire will bounce off of it? Old Ironsides
Great Britain conquered and burned what important landmark in America? Washington, D.C.
Dolly Madison (The President’s wife) was only able to save what portrait that we still have today? The portrait of George Washington
What was the town that Great Britain tried to capture in America, but the Americans didn’t give up to the British? Baltimore, Maryland
What song was written that became the national anthem of America and who wrote it? “The Star-Spangled Banner” written by Francis Scott Key
Since Great Britain or the U.S.A. were not winning the war, both decided to make a peace treaty, where was it done? City of Ghent, Belgium
Where was the last battle that Great Britain and the U.S.A. had? New Orleans
What was Andrew Jackson known as that made him a legend to the soldiers when he defeated the British at New Orleans? Old Hickory
At the end of the battle of New Orleans, how many casualties were on the British side and the America side? British-over 2,000 casualties American-71 casualties
What did many American people saw the Battle of 1812? 2nd American Revolutionary War
What did the Battle of 1812 developed for the American people in America? A great sense of nationalism for themselves
Created by: vacosta
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