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Soups, Sauces

Why should you eat soup? 1. Provides nutrients 2. Stimulates appetite 3. Provides warmth 4. Adds interest & variety in diet
Classify thin soups? Clear& Broths
What is a clear soup? Chicken consommé
What is a broth? Scotch Broth
Classify thick soups? Puréed & Thickened
What is a puréed soup? Tomato soup
What is a thickened soup? Mushroom soup
What is stock? A well flavoured liquid
How is stock made? By simmering bone, fish/meat & veg in water
What is stock used for? As base for soups and sauces
What should you use in soup? Fresh ingredients, well flavoured stock
What kind of saucepan should you use? A heavy based saucepan
What should you allow stock to do? Come to the boil
What should you skim ? Fat from the top of the stock as it simmers
What is a commercial stock? Concentrated forms of stock that offer quick and easy way to add flavour to dishes
How should you chop ingredients for soup? Diced or finely choped
What are characteristics of well made soup? 1. Good flavour 2. Correct consistency 3. Attractive colour 4. Well seasoned 5. Served at right temperature
What can you garnish soup with? Herbs, Croutons, Cream, Yoghurt, Cheese, Strips of veg, Lemon or Orange zest
What are accompaniment for soup? Bread, Dinner rolls, Melba toast
What are commercial soups? Dehydrated soup, Canned soup, Cook chill soup
What are the advantages of commercial soups? Quick, easy to make, no skill needed, useful, available in variety of flavours
What are the disadvantages of commercial soups? Expensive, high in saturated fat and salt, additives
Why should you include sauces in your diet? 1. Nourishment 2. Variety 3. Moisten food 4. Garnish
Classify sauces? Roux, Egg based, Fruit , Cold, Sweet/sugar, Miscellaneous
What is a roux? Made with equal parts fat and flour and added liquid e.g white
What is egg based sauce? Made from thickened eggs. e.g custard
What is fruit sauce? Made from stewed fruit e.g apple
What is cold sauce? Made from cold ingredients no cooking e.g mint
What is sweet/sugar sauces Served with desserts e.g chocolate
What is miscellaneous sauce? Other sauces made from wide variety of ingredients e.g tomato
What kind of saucepan should you use? Heavy saucepan
What are characteristics of well made sauce? 1. Good flavour 2. Correct flavour 3. Attractive colour 4. Served at right temperature
How should you serve sauces? 1. Hot or Cold 2. Over food 3. Separately 4. Fore decoration
What should mint sauce be served with? Lamb
What should apple sauce be served with? Pork
What should cranberry be served with? Turkey
What should orange be served with? Duck
What should horseradish be served with? Beef
What should parsley be served with ? Bacon
What should tartar be served with? Fish
What are some commercial sauces? Dehydrated sauces, canned/jar/bottle sauces and cook chilled sauces
Created by: SarahBonner
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