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Chapter 10

Age of Jackson

tariff tax on imported goods
Henry Clay Great Compromiser. Founder of Whig Party, Came up with compromise tariff of 1833
Daniel Webster South Carolina cancelled tariffs & threatened to secede from the Union if they tried to collect the tax
nullification crisis South Carolina cancelled tariffs & threatened to secede from the Union if they tried to collect the tax
Indian Removal Act of 1830 discovery gold influenced states such as Georgia to force treaties on natives to peacefully move westward beyond the Mississippi River.
John C. Calhoun South Carolina senator using states' rights to fight the Tariff of Abominations that hurt the south's economy
Trail of Tears (1836-1838) Forced removal of the Cherokees, during harsh winter, from their native homeland to new territory in Oklahoma. A 1/4 of the natives did not survive the trip/journey
corrupt bargain Henry Clay helps John Quincy Adams win presidency & Adams appoints Clay Secretary of State. Jackson claims this was the reason why he lost the election of 1824.
Jacksonian Democracy Idea of spreading political power to all people and ensuring majority rule, Govt. by the people (common man & not wealthy), changed voting requirements (only white males & did not have have to own property)
Democratic Party created by Jackson & supporters of Jackson
Whig Party Opponents of Jackson. Henry Clay was the founder of the party.
common man poor, no parents, self-made man, nothing given to you/ everything earned (think of qualities of Jackson)
charter contract for a bank to be in business usually for 10 years
Cherokee These Indians had their own government with a constitution and elected leaders
Seminole War Conflict that began in Florida in 1817 when the Seminoles resisted removal
John Marshall Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who rules in favor of the Cherokee Nation
Andrew Jackson President from 1829-1837. Seventh President of the United States.
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