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what are the types of cereals? Wheat, Rye, Oats, Maize, Barely, Rice
What is the structure of a wheat grain? Bran, Endosperm, Germ
How much % is the bran? 13%
How much % is the endosperm? 85%
How much % is the germ? 2%
What are the 2 types of wheat? Winter wheat & Spring wheat
What is winter wheat? It is the most common. It grows in countries with milder winters e.g Ireland
What is spring wheat? It is grown in countries with cold winters and hot summers.
What is cereals an excellent source of? carbohydrates
What vitamins is in cereals? B & E group vitamins
What minerals is in cereals? Calcium, iron and phosphorus
Where should you buy cereals? From a retailer with a strict hygiene and safety policy
What should you check before buying cereals? Check the best before date
What should you check on the packaging? Check that it is properly sealed, make sure it is not damaged
Where should you store cereals? In a cool, dry , well ventilated space
What does moist heat do to cereals? Causes starch grains to swell, burst and absorb the cooking liquid e.g roux sauce
What does dry heat do to cereals? Causes starch grains to swell, burst and absorb fat e.g popcorn
What vitamin is lost? B group
When cellulose and starch soften what happens? Its easier to digest
What is the steps in whole meal flour production? 1. Screened 2. Cleaned 3. Conditioning 4. Blended 5. Break rolled
What is the steps to white flour production? 1. Sifted and purified 2. Reducing rollers 3. Air classified 4. Addition of additives 5. Packaged and labelled
What are some wheat products? Flour, Wholemeal bread, Pasta, Breakfast cereals
Name some types of flour? Stoneground, Wholemeal, Wheatmeal, Plain, Self-raising, Strong flour
What is stoneground flour? Made by rolling wheat grains through stone rollers instead of metal. e.g scones
What is wholemeal flour? Contains all the wheat grain high dietary fibre content e.g bread
What is wheatmeal flour? Some source of bran has been removed, reducing dietary fibre & b group vitamins e.g pastry
What is white plain flour? The bran and germ are fully removed reducing b group vitamins and dietary fibre. Fortified with nutritive additives e.g cakes
What is self raising flour? Similar to plain but has a raising agent of sodium bicarbonate and cream tartar added e.g cakes
What is strong flour? Similar to plain, but has higher gluten content e.g yeast baking, pizza
Where is rice a staple food? China
What types of rice is there? Short grain, Medium grain, Long grain, Wholegrain, Pre-cooked, Basmati
What is short grain rice? A short, plump rice grain e.g rice pudding
What is a medium grain rice? A narrower grain, becomes sticky and moist when cooked e.g sushi
What is long grain rice? A long and slender grain with all the bran removed. Stays separate and fluffy after cooking e.g with stir fries
What is wholegrain rice? Just some of bran is removed, takes long time to cook. e.g with stir fries
What is pre-cooked/instant rice? A rice that has been fully cooked and the dehydrated.
What is basmati rice? A long grain aromatic rice grown in India and pakistan
Name some rice products? Breakfast cereals, rice flour, rice pudding, rice paper, rice cakes
Name some oat products? Oat cakes, flapjacks, granola, oat flour, porridge
Name some maize products? Cornflour, sweetcorn, popcorn, breakfast cereals
Name some rye products? Rye flour, rye bread, rye crispbread
Name some barely products? Malt vinegar, barely water, barely flour
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