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What are the 2 classifications of fish? shape & habitat
What are shape fish? flat fish and round fish
example of flat fish? plaice, sole
example of round fish? tuna, cod, salmon
what are habitat fish? freshwater fish, salt water fish, farmed fish
example of freshwater fish? salmon, bream, trout
example of sea water fish? demersal(cod, whiting) or pelagic(mackerel, tuna)
example of farmed fish? oysters, mussels
what is a white fish? cod, plaice, whiting, monkfish
what is oily fish? mackerel, tuna, herring, salmon
what is shellfish? molluscs (mussels & oysters) or crustaceans ( lobster & crab)
What is in the structure of fish? myomeres, connective tissue, fat, outer layer
what are myomeres? short, thick fibres arranged in broad vertical bands
what is connective tissue? holds myomeres in place
what is fat? in oily fish is invisible. flesh of white fish has no fat as its in there liver
outer layer a waterproof, scaly skin covers flesh of white fish and oily fish
what nutrient does fish lack? carbohydrates
where should you buy fish from? retailer with clean and hygienic fish counter
what should you check before buying fish the use by date
what kind of flesh should fish have when buying? firm, elastic flesh, skin should be shiny, moist and unbroken
what way should fish eyes be? bright and bulging
what temperature should fish be stored at? 4*C
where should you store fish? in fridge away from strong smelling foods
what temperature should you freeze fish at? -25*C
What are the 3 ways that food can spoil? by oxidative rancidity, enzymes, bacteria
what is oxidative rancidity? when oils in oily fish react with oxygen in the air.
how do you fillet a fish? 1.scrape off the scales with back of knife 2. cut of the head and fins 3. cut the underside of the fish and remove intestines 4. wash the cavity by running under tap
how should you prepare fish? fillets, steaks or cutlets
what fish should you bake? cod
what fish should you barbecue? trout
what fish should you fry? hake
what fish should you poach? salmon
what fish should you grill? tuna
what fish should you steam? monkfish
what fish should you steam? halibut
what temperature does protein coagulate at? 40-50*C
what colour does fish change to during cooking? translucent to opaque
what vitamin is lost? b group vitamin
fish processing is ? freezing, canning, smoking
fish you can freeze cod, salmon, fish products
fish you can can? mackerel, tuna, salmon
fish you can smoke? haddock, cod, salmon
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