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what types of eggs are there? Free range, Barn egg, cage egg, organic egg, omega 3 egg
what is a free range egg? from birds who are able to roam free in barns and can go outside
what is barn eggs? from birds that are able to roam free in barns
what is a cage egg? from birds kept in cages
what is an organic egg? from birds fed special organic feed that is not treated with chemicals/pesticides/ fertilisers
what is an omega 3 egg? from birds that are fed a diet high in omega 3.
what is the structure of an egg? shell, white, yolk
how much percent is the shell in an egg? 10 %
how much percent is the white in an egg? 60%
how much percent is the white in an egg? 30%
what vitamin does eggs lack? carbohydrates
where should you buy eggs from? retailer with strict food hygiene and safety policy
what should you check before you buy eggs? the best before date
should you buy eggs in large amounts? no! save waste
what quality mark should eggs have? bord bia mark
What temperature should you store eggs at ? 4*C
Where should you store them? in the fridge away from strong smelling foods
What should be on the box of eggs? 1. Name and address of packer/seller 2. egg packaging centre code 3. number of eggs in the pack 4. class/quality of egg of durability 6. rearing method 7. weight 8. storage instructions
what should be on egg labels? 1. a number to distinguish rearing method 2. 2 letters distinguishing origin 3. a code to identify county 4. the date of durability
how do you test if an egg is still fresh? put in water and if it rises to the top its stale
How long should you remove egg from fridge before use? 1 hour
what are some culinary uses of eggs? binding, thickening, whole food, emulsification, garnishing, glazing, aerating, coating, enriching
what is an example of binding? burger meat
example of thickening? custard or quiche
example of whole food? boiled eggs
example of emulsifying? mayonnaise
example of garnishing? nisoise salad
what are effects of cooking on eggs? protein coagulates, egg white changes colour clear- white, bacteria destroyed
what vitamins are lost? b group vitamins
properties of eggs? aeration, coagulation, emulsification
what is aeration? when eggs are whisked, protein chains unfold and air bubbles form. e.g meringues
what is coagulation? when eggs are heated, protein chains unfold, straighten and bond together around small pockets of water causing coagulation.
what is emulsification? lecithin is a natural emulsifier present in egg yolk it joins 2 liquids= emulsification e.g mayonnaise
What organisation controls quality of eggs? egg quality assurance scheme (EQAS)
Created by: SarahBonner
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