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Can you classify meat? Carcass, Poultry, Game, Offal
What is carcass? Pig, cow, sheep
What is Poultry? Domestic birds e.g chicken, turkey, duck, goose
What is game? Wild birds & animals, pheasant, rabbit, deer
What is offal? Edible internal organs e.g kidney, liver, tongue
What is the structure of meat? Made up of meat fibres, connective tissue, fat( visable & invisable)
What is meat fibres made up of? Contains the proteins actin, myosin and globulin
What does the connective tissue do ? Holds meat fibre together in bundles
What does connective tissue contain? contains protein elastin and collagen
Where is visible fat found? Under the skin of animals
Where is invisible fat found? present in the flesh
What nutrient does meat lack? Carbohydrates
Cause of toughness in meat? Age, Activity, Treatment before and after slaughter, incorrect method of cooking
Why does age affect toughness? The older they are the tougher it is as they have more connective tissue
Why does activity affect toughness? Meats from the active parts of the animal e.g leg is tougher because it has more muscle fibres
How do you tenderise meat? Meat tenderisers, mechanical breakdown, marinating and slow moist cooking methods
Where should you buy meat from? From a retailer with a clean and hygienic meat counter.
What should you check when buying meat? The use by date on the packet
What quality mark should meat have? Bord Bia
What colour should meat be? Beef should be dark red
When should you buy meat? At the end of the shopping trip
What temperature should you store meat? 4*C
What temperature should you freeze meat? -25*C
What meat should you roast? Lamb, Chicken etc
What should you barbecue ? Fillet steak, Chicken
What should you fry? Bacon, Sausage, Chicken
What should you boil? Ham, Chicken
What should you grill? Lamb/Pork chops. Bacon, Steaks
What should you stew? Beef
What is cross contamination? Using the same knife/board to chop raw and cooked meat
What temperature does protein coagulate at? 40-50*C
What colour does meat change to during cooking? Brown
What vitamins are lost? Vitamin B
How can you process meat? Freezing, Vacuum packing, Curing, Drying
What can you freeze? Pork, Beef, Lamb , Poultry
What can you vacuum pack? Bacon, Sausages
What can you cure? Bacon, Ham
What can you dry? Beef jerky, meat in packet soup
What is processed meat made from? minced meat, fillers, fat and additives
What are some meat processed foods? Sausages, beef burgers, meat extractives, páté, gelatine
What controls meat quality in ireland? Department of Agriculture
Created by: SarahBonner



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