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WWII & Holocaust

How did the Treaty of Versailles destroy Germany's economy? Germany had to make reparations (pay for damages) to the Allies. (Remember BRAT)
Hitler invaded __; Mussolini invaded ___. Poland; Ethiopia
What happened at the Munich Conference in 1938? Great Britain & France gave Hitler what he wanted (they APPEASED him), in an effort to avoid war.
Prior to the Holocaust, there were laws and events that targeted Jews in Germany. Name two. Nuremberg Laws & Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)
What happened at the "Rape of Nanjing" in 1937? Japan invaded this Chinese city and tortured and killed thousands, especially women.
What was "blitzkrieg"? German for "lightning war," these were sudden attacks by German planes and tanks that devastated the enemy.
The event that sparked WWI was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. What event sparked WWII? Hitler's invasion of Poland
Name three events that proved the League of Nations was powerless to make world leaders behave. Hitler violated the ToV; Japan invaded Manchuria; Italy invaded Ethiopia; and the League basically did nothing beyond "Shame on You!"
Why did Japan attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941? U.S. was mad at Japan for the Rape of Nanjing, so they put an embargo on iron, steel, and oil exports to Japan. Japan didn't like that.
Besides being generally all-around bad guys, what did Hitler & Mussolini have in common? Hint: type of govt. They were Fascists. In fact, Mussolini "invented" fascism, and Hitler copied the idea.
What name did the Nazis give to their plan to commit mass murder of the Jews? The "Final Solution" (Note: a lot of students answer this question with "Holocaust," but the Nazis never used that term. It was used in the years after the war to describe the event).
What was considered the "turning point" of the European Theatre? Hint: Allied troops landed on the beaches of France's Normandy region, and drove the Nazis back into Germany. D-Day -- June 6, 1944
What happened at the Battle of El-Alamein (in Northern Africa) in 1942? It was an important Allied victory and considered a turning point in the war in North Africa.
What was a key component to Nazism, in terms of which race was "superior"? Aryans (fair skin, blue eyes, etc.) were superior to all other races.
What event resulted in the immediate death of 70,000 people, followed by 60,000 more within a few months and 70,000 more five years later? Dropping of the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan
Why did the Nazis rise to power in post-WWI Germany? Give two reasons. The economy was a disaster AND the government was unstable.
What happened to the German army at the Battle of Stalingrad, Russia, in 1942? Terrible defeat for Germany, and the Russians started pushing the Nazis back toward Germany.
What were three plans the Nazis had for dealing with Jews? 1. Expulsion (kicking them out of Germany) 2. Containment (putting them all in one place) 3. Final Solution (killing them all)
WWI was mainly fought in ____, while WWII was fought in ___. Europe; Europe, Africa, and the Pacific
What was "island-hopping"? Allied plan to march across the Pacific to Japan, taking one island at a time
This battle was the turning point in the Pacific; it was the first time the Allies were on the offensive. Battle of Midway
The "Big Three" Allied Leaders met at three conferences during and after the war. Put them in order. Tehran Conference - Nov. 1943; Yalta Conference - Feb. 1945; Potsdam Conference - July 1945 (Remember TYPe)
One result of THIS event in Courtroom #10 was that political and military leaders CAN be held accountable for actions in wartime. Nuremberg Trials
After the war, the U.S. sent General Douglas MacArthur to supervise the rebuilding of Japan. What were the 3 key parts of his plan for Japan? Disarmament (Japan's new constitution banned the country from having a strong military); Liberalization (the people enjoyed a lot of freedoms they didn't have before); Democratization (people had more say in the govt.)
At this Big Three Conference , the Allies discussed their plan to open a second front against Germany (i.e., Stalin would need to attack Germany from Russia). Tehran Conference
What was the result of Operation Overlord (aka D-Day), June 6, 1944? After landing on the beaches in France's Normandy region, the Allies pushed the Nazis out of France, which they had taken over in June 1940.
This was the code name for the top-secret project to develop the atomic bomb. Manhattan Project
The bombing of THIS Japanese city brought about Japan's surrender and (finally!) the end of WWII. Nagasaki
At this Big Three Conference, the Allies decided that AS SOON AS Germany was defeated, Germany and Berlin would be split into four zones; Stalin would join the U.S. in fighting Japan. Yalta (Remember: TYPe -- Tehran, Yalta, Postdam) Also - Y has a split, and this plan discussed splitting up Germany.
After WWII, this organization replaced the League of Nations and had more "teeth" to enforce cooperation and peace among nations. United Nations
Created by: DrButler



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