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TX - Civil War & Rec

Texas joined the Confederacy in which year? 1861
Civil War began at Ft. Sumter on which date? April 12, 1861
Why was Sam Houston against Secession? He thought the south would lose
Why were the States in Rebellion? Emancipation Proclamation
What was NOT a reason for Texan’s fighting in the Civil War? To reap the benefits of being a soldier
What led to the increased production of corn and wheat in Texas during the years of the Civil War? The need to feed soldiers
Juneteenth Day Texas slaves were freed
Republicans Party supported by African-Americans after war
13th Amendment Abolished Slavery
Describe the Battle of Palmito Ranch Last battle of the Civil War, battle took place after the surrender of the Confederacy, and fought on Rio Grande
New Texas Constitution 1876
Texas Readmission 1870
Civil War fought during what years? 1861-1865
Houston removed as Governor 1861 (SH)
Considered slavery vital to Economy Reason Texas supported secession
John B. Magruder Led Confederates at Galveston
Why was Houston removed as the Governor of Texas? He refused to take an oath to Confederacy
Texas sent cotton to Europe through which country? Mexico
Slow Communication between the states allowed for what two things to continue? To continue slavery and delayed emancipation of the slaves.
15th Amendment Granted Citizenship to former slaves
Who ended Reconstruction in Texas and when? President Ulysses S. Grant / March 30, 1870
Role of Freedmen's Bureau Finding jobs, food, clothing, schools and education.
How did the issue of State’s Rights contribute to the outbreak of the Civil War? Seceding states believed that the Federal Government should not interfere in states decisions.
Hood’s Texas Brigade Lee’s finest soldiers
Lincoln’s achievement in Civil War Preserved the Union
Created by: ekneggs