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social studies

What were some of Georgia and the twelve states problems? Lack of money,trade, and relationships with our countries
The way the government operated in the document that established it, the____________ ____ _____________ Articles of Confederation
The superior court in each country was the major institution of country government. What did they do? Over elections, control roads, and provide aid for the poor
What were the main issues facing the new states involved overcoming the problems left by the assembly? How to rebuild Georgia's building and farms, pay the state's debts, and establish better relationships with the Creek and the Cherokee
One of the questions the new government faced was what? What to do with the land that had belonged to loyalists?
What is a bounty grant? Soldiers in both state militia and the Continental army,( including those from other states who had fought for independence in Georgia), could receive land for their service
Why did many settlers come to Georgia? Because the state continue to grant(give) land by the headright system
The Lower Creek agreed to ____ more treaties at Galphlnton (1786) and Shoulderbone (1786) 2
The confederation was ______ and not much help Weak
What was another major problem young state government had? Money
During the war, the government had many ____________ but not much _________ expenses, income
At this time, there was no income or sales tax: a _____ on the land was the main source of income for the government Tax
Alexander McGillivary is a good example of how British and Native Americans became united not only by trade, but sometimes by _______ Blood
What did Alexander belong to on his father's side? Clan Chattan
What did Alexander belong to on his mother's side? The powerful Wind Clan of the Creek
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